4 Reasons to Hold MICE Events Face-to-Face

4 Reasons to Hold MICE Events Face-to-Face

Lila Cailles

What are the different reasons to hold MICE Events face-to-face?

  1. Help in Building Stronger Relationships
  2. Professionally Set-Up Venues
  3. Promote Productivity
  4. Communicate Goal Clearly and Effectively

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, MICE events — just like everything else— had to pause face-to-face interactions. They turned to online spaces to meet. With things slowly normalizing again, many organizers have started returning to hosting events in person for the MICE industry in the Philippines. 

Compared to virtual events, in-person events allow participants to interact and communicate with each other better. Thus, making the MICE event more successful. This article explores the different reasons why MICE events should be held face-to-face. Keep reading to learn more! 


What are MICE events?

MICE events pertain to meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. This makes up a big part of global business travel since it focuses on professionals from common industries meeting together in one location. 

All events are related and focus on businesses. They aim to raise the standards and professionalism in their respective industries. On the other hand, some events also focus on bringing awareness to certain issues and causes. 

In the Philippines, the MICE industry is an important component of the country’s economic growth. Through these events, the business sector can create jobs as well as promote the country as a reputable place to hold various business events.  


Help in Building Stronger Relationships

Help in Building Stronger Relationships

MICE events also allow companies to show how much they value the time and business of others by simply showing up. It tells your colleagues from the same industry that you value establishing business relationships through events. 

When meeting with prospective clients and customers, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Face-to-face communication is proven to be more effective compared to talking virtually. Meeting them in person allows hand gestures, body language, and even your facial expressions to communicate better and more effectively. 

Nothing beats the kind of communication and synergy you get through personal interactions. There are a lot of things that can come across differently when talking through video calls, phone, and even email. Personal meetings show others that you actively listen to them without misinterpreting messages and tones that can easily happen online. 


Professionally Set-Up Venues

Professionally Set-Up Venues

The planning capabilities of MICE event organizers are limited in the online setting. Even with many technological advancements, it can still be difficult to 100% capture the audience’s attention. There are too many factors in their homes that can distract them from their gadgets and family members. 

For face-to-face events, the planning is tedious and well-thought-through by its organizers. Companies invest and plan for months to be able to plan the perfect event. From booking a well-equipped event venue and booking keynote speakers to planning the agenda, all of these are taken into account.

With a well-planned event, participants and staff are more responsive and participative in its program. In the end, organizers will be creating a more memorable and streamlined experience that no virtual event can beat. 


Promote Productivity

Virtual events have many advantages, especially with finances. Industries can gather professionals from various time zones without spending a peso on travel fares. However, they also have many disadvantages that often revolve around the focus and concentration of those in the event. 

No matter how organized an event can be, it can all still go to waste if the participants don’t give them their 100% attention. Compared to in-person meetings, virtual meetings have higher chances of participants multitasking on their computers and being distracted by their phones and social media. 

On the other hand, face-to-face meetings are easily more structured and more productive especially if held in a well-maintained function room or exhibition hall. Being together personally helps communicate ideas better. This is important for meetings and conferences.


Communicate Goal Clearly and Effectively

Communicate Goal Clearly and Effectively

With all participants gathered in a single location, it becomes easier for facilitators and event organizers to communicate the goals and objectives of the gathering. 

As mentioned in previous sections, meeting with others in person allows them to communicate with not only their words but also with actions and facial expressions. These conversations are more credible and meaningful compared to virtual events and conversations. 

During these events, planners and organizers can also expect more engagement and participation from the audience. Physical events allow them to tune into keynote speeches and activities without getting distracted by external factors. 


Why is the World Trade Center Metro Manila the Best Place to Host MICE Events?

With the return of in-person events, the WTCMM still continues to be the best place to host business and corporate events. 

The Exhibition Hall at WTCMM features a minimalistic design, giving limitless flexibility to the event’s design. It can be reconfigured and designed depending on the event organizer and planner’s vision. 

For smaller events, the WTCMM has meeting and premium function rooms that are up to global meeting standards with their amenities and features. 


Key Takeaway

The MICE events in the Philippines are opportunities for different businesses and companies to come together. Participants go through different activities like research presentations, keynote speeches, and networking activities. These kinds of activities are best-done face-to-face to maximize the interaction participants get with each other. 

If you’re looking for a venue to host your next MICE event venue rental, the World Trade Center Metro Manila is the best place. We have state-of-the-art exhibition halls and function halls. They are all equipped with the audio-visual systems needed for these events. To learn more, contact us here

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