Events Place in Manila

Events Place in Manila

Events are a staple for many organizations, businesses, or industries. This is due to the effectiveness of events when it comes to involving many people in a specific time and place for a specific purpose. For example, a trade show can be a great way for businesses to showcase and introduce their newest products to the public. Conventions of varying sizes that seek to bring people with similar interests together are also a great example. Whatever the case may be, having a successful event is beneficial for all the people involved.

If you are looking for an events place in Manila to hold such events, World Trade Center Metro Manila can be the best venue for you and here’s why.

Big Bad Wolf Book Fair held in the best Events Place in Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila: The Best Venue For Events In The Country

Choosing the right venue is essential for any event. It is a factor that must be well-thought off as it dictates whether or not the event will be fully maximized.

The World Trade Center Metro Manila is equipped with top-notch features that can accommodate different types of events. Every facility is designed with easy to modify features while keeping cost-efficiency in mind. A feature that makes it perfect for events.

Leveraging on the many outstanding features of its exhibition halls, World Trade Center Metro Manila fits all the requirements of events management for numerous industries. As the prime choice for venues, the address hosted major events like the Toast Wedding Fair, World Bazaar Festival, World Food Expo, Big Bad Wolf Books, Manila International Auto Show, and Noel Bazaar.

Event held in World trade center Manila

Features of the Best Event Place in Manila

There are many things to consider when evaluating a given venue, but World Trade Center Metro Manila stands out in many categories. With its excellent features, you can consider World Trade Center Metro Manila the best events place in country.

Spacious exhibition halls

Space is one of the most important elements of an events place. It dictates what kind of events are possible, how many people your event can accommodate, and what kind of booths and setups can be installed. 

The good news here is that World Trade Center Metro Manila has space and plenty of it. Halls A-C have a total floor area of 10,810 sq. This huge floor area that is almost twice the size of an American football field is divided between the exhibit area (8,300 sq.), pre-function lobby (1,300 sq.), and mezzanine (1,210 sq.) Meanwhile, Hall D has a much smaller total floor area of 3,000 sq. but is already the whole exhibit area. This makes Hall D better for smaller-scale events. Vertically, all of the halls have a ceiling height of 10 meters that allow for two-story-high designs. 

World-class function rooms

For its function rooms that are located in the Mezzanine level, World Trade Center Metro Manila has 4 rooms available: Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo, and Joya. All these function rooms vary in size and capacity, but they can be combined into one main function room to accommodate a huge conference, meeting, or seminar. There is also a business center boardroom for high-level board or committee meetings, and a VIP lounge for honored guests and other dignitaries. 

All function rooms come equipped with high-speed internet, top-of-the-line audiovisual and multimedia systems to ensure maximum productivity. We recognize the importance of these utilities and are committed to providing function rooms that meet the global standard.

Easy ingress and egress

To complement and maximize the impressive size of our event halls, easy ingress and egress are crucial. Not only are booths and stalls important to the success of a given event, promptly setting them up ensures that everything goes smoothly and no delays are incurred. Ease of ingress and egress helps in that regard, and this is all thanks to the wide entrance gates and ramps that allow containers as big as 40-feet to be driven into the hall. This allows for single-load and unloading of materials and/or equipment that can reduce staging and transport costs. 

The loading bay itself is spacious enough to have 8 cargo trucks loading and unloading at the same time. This means that efficiency is guaranteed when you work with us. 

Redundant Power Supply

Aside from space, electricity is another essential component of any event venue. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that no event can be possible without electricity, which further stresses the importance of a reliable and consistent supply of power. To address this need, a redundant power supply is available for the whole facility. 

If you are not familiar with what a redundant power supply is, it is a system of supplying electricity using two different sources. Under normal circumstances, both power sources will supply half of the electricity needs of equipment or machines, sharing its load. In the event that one of these sources is turned off, whether intentionally or not, the other one will automatically compensate to provide the power needed to keep the machine or equipment going. 

For the case of World Trade Center Metro Manila, a redundant power supply would mean electricity is constantly supplied to all the halls and function rooms, even if a power outage happens. Aside from that, floor boxes that control electricity, communication systems, and internet connectivity are located conveniently inside the halls for easy access.

Spacious parking

These days, parking is slowly becoming an important necessity for venues. This is further emphasized when it comes to events places like World Trade Center Metro Manila because events revolve around the people who attend. All these people need somewhere to park their car, assuming that they brought one. 

To address this concern, World Trade Center Metro Manila has a spacious parking area that can accommodate 335 cars at a given time. Spacious parking is a truly convenient feature because these days, people take parking into consideration when deciding to go somewhere. Aside from that, many potential attendees may end up not even making it due to the lack of parking. These are wasted opportunities that can prove to be costly, especially for event organizers that look to make a return on investment through ticket and product sales. 

Entrance of World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila Can Accommodate Different Kinds of Events

Aside from the main features detailed above, there are also other qualities that make the World Trade Center Metro Manila the best events place in Manila. This is because it can accommodate a wide variety of events that range from concerts, car shows, and culture/sub-culture conventions to heavy equipment and agriculture shows. 

In fact, World Trade Center Metro Manila is the only venue in the Philippines where aviation, agriculture, and heavy equipment shows can be staged comfortably and effectively.

High Floor Load Capacity

The main reason behind this impressive functionality and versatility is the high floor load capacity of every single hall of this events place in Manila. It has a specific capacity of 250 pounds per square foot that can take heavy machinery and other equipment as exhibition articles. 

To give you a better picture, one floor can accommodate as much as 640 standard-sized exhibition booths. Aside from that, it can also support 550 motor vehicles inside the hall. Thanks to this, large-scale vehicle and aviation shows are made possible.

Beyond the high floor load capacity, drainage and water systems are available on the exhibition floor, making it a suitable venue even for irrigation, agriculture and agrarian shows.

Simultaneous Events Are Possible

If you are planning an all-in-one type of experience where many events are taking place in a single hall, then World Trade Center Metro Manila can also be a suitable venue. Acoustic wall treatment and sound-proofed movable wall partitions allow simultaneous staging of events, shows, and other types of affairs without compromising the quality of the experience. 

Gated Outdoor Space

If your event calls for an outdoor component, the World Trade Center Metro Manila’s gated outdoor space of 11,500 square meters can be useful. The whole complex of this events place in Manila is self-contained which means the outdoor space is highly secure and not exposed to public elements that can affect the whole experience. 

View from the stage of World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila is in a Convenient and Accessible Location 

If you weren’t familiar with its location, World Trade Center Metro Manila is located in Pasay City, Metro Manila. Pasay City is a particularly convenient and accessible location because it is relatively close to many of the main cities in the Metro. It is also not too far south or north in terms of its geographical location — making it reasonable to go to regardless if you’re coming from around the northern areas like Quezon City or the south like Muntinlupa City. 

Even for foreign or international event organizers and visitors, the World Trade Center Metro Manila is also a convenient location to visit because it is in the same city as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. There is a reason why many international companies, organizations, bands and musical performers choose the World Trade Center Metro Manila as their preferred venue — it is accessible to all of the people who are going to be involved in a given event.

Traffic and other traveling inconveniences are minimized by holding and organizing an event in the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Highways and roads going to the venue are well-developed and wide.  

Have a Successful Event with World Trade Center Metro Manila

Finding the ideal events venue in Manila is by no means an easy task. There are many things you are going to have to take into consideration if you want it to be a success, from the budget and delegation of responsibilities to marketing the whole affair, and of course choosing the appropriate venue. By choosing the World Center Manila, you can already focus on all the other concerns you might have. With the excellent features, functionality, and accessibility the venue provides along with the dedicated and professionally trained team that will work with you, quality service is guaranteed.

As a prominent convention center in the Philippines, World Trade Center Metro Manila is a world-class exhibition venue that was established in 1996. It is a member of the World Trade Centers Association of New York and recognized by the Union des Foires Internationales or UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry. This not only makes it the preferred events place in Manila by local event organizers but international ones as well. If you are looking for a suitable venue for an event you are organizing, contact World Trade Center Metro Manila now by clicking here.



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