World-Class Seminar Venue In Manila: World Trade Center Metro Manila

World-Class Seminar Venue In Manila: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Seminars are vital to the continuous learning process of many organizations. Educational institutions, corporate businesses, local and international government agencies, and non-profit establishments hold these events to share and gain knowledge about different subjects. As the preferred seminar venue in Manila, World Trade Center Metro Manila has witnessed the gathering of professional individuals exchanging thoughts in its conference halls and meeting rooms.

As a world-class seminar venue, World Trade Center Metro Manila has lent its halls to both local and international organizations. Prestigious events held here have always been attended by officials, dignitaries, leaders, and influential people from all around the globe. Continue reading to learn more.

Prime Location

Prime Location

As a seminar venue in Manila, the World Trade Center stands in a strategic location. It is situated in Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue corner Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City, nearby business districts in Makati and Taguig. This makes it the prime location when it comes to organizing corporate meetings, business exhibitions, and company events.

When it comes to hosting conferences with various attendees from different provinces and other countries, our place on the map has already proven to be advantageous. It is only less than 30 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, making it one of the most accessible destinations for staging international events.

Attendees will also appreciate the availability of entertainment centers nearby. Guests can enjoy shopping or the spa before or after an event. This makes it the top choice when it comes to choosing a seminar venue in Manila.


Prestigious Hotels Nearby

Aside from its accessibility to business districts, airports, seaports, and entertainment centers, World Trade Center Metro Manila is also located near several hotels in the bay area with variation from 3-star to 5-star. This is essential because most attendees would be traveling from different places in and out of the country.

Some of the reputable hotels that can be accessed near this seminar venue in Manila are the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Hotel Jen Manila by Shangri-La, City Of Dreams, Solaire, Okada Manila, Hotel 101, and Golden Phoenix Hotel. These mixed hotels can give the best service to guests and make them feel well-cared for. The best thing is it will only take 5 to 15 minutes to reach the World Trade Center Metro Manila from these hotels.


Multifunction Halls

Multifunction Halls

To host large-scale conventions and conferences, organizers can opt to stage their events at World Trade Center Metro Manila’s conference hall in the Philippines. With 8,300 square meters of space, more attendees can be accommodated with ample space for social distancing. For smaller congregations, it can be partitioned into separate spaces. Because of the sound-proof movable wall partition, simultaneous seminars can be held without encountering problems.

Aside from these features, this seminar venue in Manila also provides ample vertical clearance to mount tall screens and hang decorations from the ceiling. Because of the tough trusses, heavy lighting and riggings for sound set-up could be put up with ease. When it comes to carrying extreme loads, the floor can withstand up to 250 pounds per square foot.

The pre-function lobby has a floor space of 1,410 square meters that is available for queuing or registration of guests and other purposes. This can also be used as a cocktail area by the organizer for their exhibitors or put lounges for attending visitors. A lobby café is also available to seat 50 people.


Spacious Function Rooms

Spacious Function Rooms

Apart from the multipurpose halls, World Trade Center Manila also has spacious function rooms. It can serve as a seminar venue in Manila for meetings, workshops, training, and lectures. There are a total of 4 rooms, named Luna, Hidalgo, Amorsolo, and Joya.

Both Luna and Hidalgo have 140 sqm of area, while Amorsolo has 120 sqm and Joya has 95 sqm. When combined, it can accommodate 300 guests with ample spacing for social distancing. Below are the typical setups utilized by many organizations for their purposes.


In a theatre setup, rows of seats are placed in front of a stage or podium. The majority of the space is given to the audience, where they can watch and listen to a speaker. A range of 90 to 300 persons can be invited on a single occasion on this arrangement.

For a seminar venue in Manila that doesn’t require an exchange of thoughts between the attendees, the theatre setup is the recommended solution. This is applicable to events where sharing of knowledge is one-way—just like in presentations, talks, and product launches.


World Trade Center Metro Manila can accommodate 50 to 140 persons when it comes to a classroom setting. This is very similar to a theatre type setup, but the only difference is the presence of tables for note-taking.

Aside from lectures and training, this layout is also fitting for conferences with plated food. The tables can also be used to do group activities that require props for team building.


For a banquet setup, numerous large tables are placed around the room with chairs surrounding each one. This can serve 70 to 300 individuals, depending on the room chosen.

This style is usually reserved for formal dinners, gala nights, and awards shows. Most seminars also designate a separate banquet room to prepare meals for guests during breaks. This is suitable for conversing with other people in a group.


To complete the room layouts in this seminar venue in Manila, organizers also have the option of choosing a cocktail arrangement for their event. Tall tables with enough space for drinks are scattered across the function room to encourage mingling and conversation.

For this style, 90 to 300 attendees can fit in the function rooms. It is usually utilized for after-lecture gatherings and events where meeting other people is the purpose. The design motivates people to walk around the room and talk with other groups.

Features Of A Meeting Room

World Trade Center Metro Manila is a seminar venue in Manila that provides all the necessities and amenities required by organizations for their event. Without these, a meeting, lecture, or training would not be complete.

High-speed Internet

For the convenience of presenters and guests, high-speed internet is provided for use when booking the function rooms. This is essential when it comes to broadcasting live coverage from other places, live streaming the seminar, uploading live updates on social media, downloading and transferring files, and providing access to learning materials.

Aside from this, the popularity of video calls is also on the rise, with seminars having both physical and virtual audiences from all around the world.

Latest Audio-Visual System

To reduce technical problems, state of the art audio-visual systems are available at World Trade Center Metro Manila. Those who are looking for a seminar venue in Manila will benefit from using large displays, clear screens, multi-display projections, and high-quality sound apparatus. This will ensure that the audience will understand the presentation materials and go home with new learnings.

Selection Of Food And Beverage

Conferences and meetings last a few hours each day. Some will even happen during lunchtime or dinnertime, where meals will also be served. To provide sumptuous and filling edibles for both hosts and attendees, a list of carefully chosen caterers are recommended by World Trade Center Metro Manila.

With options for affordable to the most luxurious meals, these suppliers will nonetheless only serve the best food and beverages. Reputable names such as Alba Catering, Le Chef, The Aristocrat Restaurant, Artemis Plus, Event Shaker Mobile Bar, Hizon’s Catering, Ilustrado Restaurant & Cafe, Josiah’s Catering, Juan Carlo The Caterer, Sofitel, and Tjioe complete the list.

Seminars Held At World Trade Center Metro Manila

Seminars Held At World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila has always been the chosen seminar venue in Manila by many esteemed organizers, corporate businesses, academies for learning, and other respected institutions. Catering to both local and international events, it has always maintained its world-class quality throughout the years.


Distinguished dignitaries, officials, and leaders have traveled all the way to the Philippines to attend summits on important topics. The Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was convened at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in 2015. It also served as the International Media Center for the Association Of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in 2017, with both local and international media outfits covering the event and the South SEA Games in 2019

Forums And Symposiums

As a seminar venue in Manila, both big and small organizations can hold their educational gatherings at World Trade Center Metro Manila. Some events are only open for members and employees, while others are available to the public.

One notable event is the celebration of the 2019 National Science & Technology Week. This 5-day event is brimming with activities including counseling, demos, film shows, forums, talks, symposiums, and awards ceremonies.

Book The Premier Seminar Venue In Manila: World Trade Center Metro Manila

As the leading seminar venue in Manila, World Trade Center caters to different types of gatherings required by different organizers. From private meetings to public forums, its function rooms in Manila for rent and multipurpose halls fit different capacities at varying setups.

From government, religion, entertainment, education, science, art, and many other topics—congresses of people have exchanged thoughts and shared their knowledge in this place. As a world-class seminar venue, the World Trade Center Metro Manila will maintain its world-class service and facilities to hold more opportunities for learning.

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