4 Tips In Choosing A MICE Event Venue

4 Tips In Choosing A MICE Event Venue

Lila Cailles

What are some tips for choosing a MICE event venue? 

  1. Find a venue that is easily accessible
  2. Check the amenities they can provide
  3. Consider the venue capacity
  4. Be mindful of when you’re scheduling your event

There are many factors to consider in planning a MICE event. One of these factors is its venue. This sets the tone and atmosphere of your gathering. On top of that, it can also help you provide other things for the event like catering, lighting, and A/V support.

That’s why it’s important to find the right space. This article aims to help you by giving tips in choosing a MICE event venue. Continue reading to learn more about what a venue should be offering you for your next gathering. 

Find a venue that is easily accessible

Find a venue that is easily accessible

When hosting meetings and conferences, it’s vital to consider the location of the venue. It needs to be easily accessible to those who’ll be attending your event. 

Consider if it’s near the airport for participants who will be flying in from different provinces or countries. Make sure that there are many hotels nearby where they’ll be able to stay. Most importantly, transportation should not be an issue. Participants should be able to book rides to get to their hotels and to the venue itself. 

If you’re expecting participants to take private vehicles, check if there is allocated parking for guests. 


Check the amenities they can provide

   Check the amenities they can provide

Amenities separate the good and the bad venues. The space you’re looking at for your next conference or corporate event should have the following amenities to make your event a success: 

Must-have venue amenities

  • High-Speed, Reliable Internet Access 

For meetings and conferences, guests bring laptops, tablets, and phones, and they expect to be able to connect to a good internet connection. 

If your event requires live streaming, running a video conference, or playing online media, make sure that the venue’s internet connection can support it. 

  • Well-maintained Audio-Visual Equipment 

Look for a venue with a good sound system. Having quality A/V equipment available at the venue also helps save on additional rental fees. 

It also ensures that your guests are focusing on the event, rather than commenting on the quality of the sound system and microphones. 

  • Lighting Options

The lighting of a venue can easily set the tone for an event. Proper lighting helps participants stay focused and energized. If there is an option to dim the lighting, you can also easily create a more casual mood for mixers. 

  • Ability to display signage indoors and outdoors

You should be allowed to put up signs in any venue.

Check if there is adequate space to be able to display signs outside of the venue. This helps participants find the venue quicker. They won’t be left with feelings of frustration because there are signs that point them to the right direction of the event. 

Event organizers should also be able to hang signs indoors. This is extra help in pointing your guests  the right direction. 

  • Well-maintained and adequately sized restrooms

The restroom in a venue should be large enough to accommodate your guest count. If the restrooms are too small, there will be long lines and frustrated participants. 

It should also be well-maintained. No one will want to use restrooms that are dirty and in need of repairs. So, make a quick trip to the restroom to see if they are up to your standards as an event organizer.


Consider the venue’s capacity 

Check the maximum capacity of guests a venue can hold. This will give you an idea if the place can hold your desired number of participants. 

If you’re planning to hold a big conference with focus group discussions, you should also see if the venue can provide you space for smaller group discussions. Some venues may have function rooms for you to book. 


Be mindful when scheduling your event

Be mindful when scheduling your event

It’s important to understand the peak and low seasons. This affects a lot of factors in event planning such as pricing and availability. 

It can be more difficult to book certain venues during peak seasons. This comes hand-in-hand with hotel bookings. If you’re expecting your participants to fly in, it can be more difficult for them to book hotel rooms. 

If your event takes place during peak seasons, book everything ahead of time. 


Key Takeaway

This article provided you with different tips in choosing a MICE event venue. This is just one of the factors in planning an event, but it plays a very important role in participant satisfaction. 

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