Convention and exhibition centers are facilities you can use for large-scale events and conferences. It’s used to gather groups or individuals with common interest in one convenient location. This is where you can share ideas and learn something new while strengthening your network and reaching out to a wider audience. Different kinds of industries can use a convention center. If you’re looking for a convention center in the Philippines, the World Trade Center Metro Manila is the venue to choose. The World Trade Center Metro Manila promises larger-than-life venues and infinite possibilities. We offer world-class facilities that can host a variety of global and local events for any industry. From exhibits, trade shows, or any special event, you can expect only the best at World Trade Center Metro Manila. World Trade Center Metro Manila is part of a network of over 300 WTCs in nearly 100 countries worldwide and has been awarded Premier Accreditation by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) headquartered in New York, USA. Event planning is tasking and it can be a challenge to organizers. However, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, you can gain new perspective for your event. Give yourself a chance and get a brand-new point of view by reading more below.  

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s Location

  Buildings in Manila with the sun setting behind it With any property, location is everything. It has to be accessible with great infrastructure. The World Trade Center Metro Manila is located within the bay area along Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, where most of the events are happening as the area is complemented by hotels and cultural centers. The best convention center in the Philippines is strategically located near the international airport, seaports, world-class hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants, and various central business districts. Roxas Boulevard is not only convenient, but it is also filled with a rich history and various historical sites. Allow your guests and visitors to enjoy the surrounding areas with ease. Navigating through traffic is easier now than ever, due to the recent efforts of the local government. If you need materials and other collaterals for your event, World Trade Center Manila is also near the seaport.    

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s Capacity

  World Trade Center Metro Manila's Exhibition Halls World Trade Center Metro Manila’s exhibition hall is curated and created by Gensler and Associates. Gensler and Associates is the same company that designed the second phase of the grand Moscone Convention Center in the United States. The World Trade Center Metro Manila uses an ample space of 30,760 sqm consisting of 13,560 sqm of indoor space and a gated 17,200 sqm outdoor space. The design of the venue is user-friendly and ensures easy set-up as well as cost-efficient staging for large-scale events and exhibits alike. The minimalist design of this convention center in the Philippines allows you to be flexible with modifications and configurations. The artful blank slate of World Trade Center Metro Manila is an organizer’s dream come true. It can fit a number of requirements and specifications to accommodate different scales of events. Choose to separate the halls for simultaneous events or use the entire floor space for an open showcase. The wide entrance gates and various ramps at this convention center in the Philippines can easily accommodate 40-foot container vans. These vehicles can be directly driven into the halls for ease of ingress and egress. Watch as you save on staging costs as you unload your exhibit materials efficiently. The ceiling is also 10 meters high and allows you to build two-story designs. The floors are designed for efficiency in terms of power and connectivity. Never lose your connection during an event ever again. The World Trade Center Metro Manila ensures that you have direct access to electricity, communication, and wireless internet when you’re inside the hall. The exhibition halls also feature drainage and an efficient water system. World Trade Center Metro Manila is the convention center in the Philippines that can accommodate even irrigation, agriculture, and agrarian events. All of these amazing features are coupled with CCTV cameras, security, fire protection, and parking for up to 335 vehicles.    

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s Accessibility

  A man walking through an airport with his luggage Earlier we briefly touched on the accessibility of the World Trade Center Metro Manila. The supreme accessibility is not only available to your exhibitors but also to your visitors as well. Successful events count on your visitors, and with World Trade Center Metro Manila’s accessibility through public and private transport, there’s no need to worry. At the World Trade Center Metro Manila, we understand the importance of event planning and good event strategy. Organizing in a convention center in the Philippines requires a lot of preparation. From the initial meetings, ingress, finalizing, and the event itself, it’s important that the location can be accessible by your exhibitors. If you have visitors and exhibitors from different countries, you can easily situate them near the World Trade Center Metro Manila for easy access. City of Dreams Manila is a few minutes away. You can book your accommodations for various guests with ease. At the same time, they can easily reach entertainment centers and malls around the area for their convenience. Just stepping outside, they can easily find transport to get to where they need to be. The highly urbanized area of Pasay allows for full, concrete and asphalt roads to be built easily. Allowing different areas of Metro Manila to connect with the World Trade Center Metro Manila. The airport is a 15-20 minute drive from different hotels. Give your international and local guests the freedom to navigate the area without any worries.    

Industries That Can Benefit From World Trade Center Metro Manila

  Close up of a man giving a talk Any industry that desires to conduct an event needs the best events place in Manila. Almost all industries can enjoy the features and amenities of the World Trade Center Metro Manila. The ample space for the interiors and exteriors is more than enough to hold a successful event or exhibition. Under the World Trade Centers Association, you can put your trust in guaranteed high-quality service. For your convenience, you can avail of the booth design and construction service to create the design and setup you need. There’s also an extra freight forwarding service and catering if you need it for your exhibition. If you’re still deciding on which convention center in the Philippines you should choose, look no further than World Trade Center Metro Manila. Choosing World Trade Center Metro Manila opens a large market to further your opportunities using the ASEAN Free Trade Area. The foreign-investor friendly government can help you build bridges with other companies and notable individuals to expand your network. Here are the following industries that benefitted from our global business address:


Carshows and automotive events are very popular locally. Each year, many enthusiasts and exhibitors flock to these events to enjoy the various custom cars and car designs. The total area of the World Trade Center Metro Manila makes it easy to transport the various exhibits needed. The floor space is also durable and allows for large load capacities to navigate and settle down easily.  


Travel and tours are easily accessible now due to the promotions and excess income of the people. Many travel expos have conducted various events over the years at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. As mentioned above, exhibitors can be connected at all times. This allows travel agents and airlines to easily book and sell tickets on-site. The high ceiling area also gives exhibitors the freedom to create intricate designs for their booths to attract more visitors and potential customers.  


The World Trade Center Metro Manila has hosted various entertainment events from all spectrums. From concerts to historical conventions, the venue has successfully hosted and accommodated these events. Concerts can get amazing acoustics and sound from the minimalistic design while other entertainment conventions can split up the floor space to simultaneously host different activities and more.  


Various food-related exhibitions have graced the halls of World Trade Center Metro Manila and for good reason. Like the previously mentioned benefits, the ample space, connectivity, and available utilities make it easy for food expos to set up various booths. It can also accommodate food demos to attract various customers and suppliers to this larger than life events venue in Manila. Show off your products and secure new connections at World Trade Center Metro Manila.  

Mass Media

Collect various influencers and notable individuals in one convenient area. World Trade Center Metro Manila is the premier venue for all your mass media convention needs. Set up your stage to highlight the prowess of your guests and bring together big players. Bring their bridges closer and enrich everyone with an exchange of culture and knowledge at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.    

Maximize Your Event At World Trade Center Metro Manila

What are you waiting for? Host the best event now at theWorld Trade Center Metro Manila. For all industries, you can host your exhibition or conference at this strategic location. Roxas Boulevard, Pasay is an easily accessible location and your global business address starts here. Everything you need for your event is just a few minutes away at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Look no further than the master-fully planned, minimalistic venue. Contact us now for more information by clicking here!

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