FAQs What is World Trade Center (WTC)?

WTC is a physical facility with a specific purpose of creating a marketplace for companies engaging in international business or servicing international businesses. It brings people together in a global economy and instrumental in promoting prosperity through trade and investment. WTC helps globalize the local business environment by providing international linkages among entities engaged in international trade.

FAQs What is World Trade Center Metro Manila Business Club (WBC) and what services does it offer?

WBC belongs to a global network of over 300 World Trade Centers in nearly 100 countries across the globe. WBC is a global business platform that helps expand business connections through cooperation with leading business organizations here and abroad plus provides trade information and networking opportunity through business matching services, trade missions, trade educational, seminars and forums. WBC provides businesses with access to a diverse array of international trade services and facilities.

FAQs Does my membership with WBC give me access to member benefits in other WTC? How many WTC are there all over the world and how many companies are affiliated with WTCA?

Through the WTCA, each WTC becomes a branch office for all the others. This unique concept of reciprocity and cooperation is passed along to all WTC members, making membership in any center an entry to the international business community. A member not only receives benefits and privileges locally, but also gains reciprocal benefits offered by over 300 World Trade Centers in nearly 100 countries around the world. Its unique advantage is its network of about 750,000 member-companies worldwide connected through the World Trade Center Business Club.

FAQs What are the different type of memberships of WBC and who may join WBC?

Two (2) types of membership open for application:

  • Corporate Membership
  • Individual Membership

* For Corporate Membership a company is entitled to nominate a principal member and 2 additional representatives

WBC Membership accepts the following:

  • Corporations
  • Professionals
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Single Proprietorships
FAQs How does one become a member of WBC?

Submit and accomplish the following:

  1. Duly accomplished WBC Application Form (downloadable)
  2. Company Profile or Brochure describing principal products and/or services
  3. Copy of DTI Registration or SEC Registration and latest Business Permit
  4. Payment of One-Time Entrance Fee for new members, plus Annual Membership Due
FAQsHow do I make reservation for the WTCMM exhibition hall and are there meeting/seminar rooms available at WTCMM, if so, what are their sizes and capabilities?
  1. Fill-out WTCMM Application For Hire and transmit to WTCMM Marketing Department through facsimile 902-0000 extension 513 or email to lpcailles@wtcmanila.com.ph
  2. Submit the fully accomplished Application for Hire, together with the Project Brief or Event Concept (a short background of the event to be organized to include objective/s and product/visitor profile).
  3. Upon approval of the said application, the Marketing Department will prepare the proposal/contract that indicates hiring period, rates and payment schedule, and submission of additional requirements such as Corporate Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution authorizing the representative or signatory of the contract to sign on behalf of the entity and VAT Exemption Certificate, if the contracting party is VAT-exempt.
  4. Acceptance of Hiring Contract and Terms of Conditions of Hire requires a signed conforme of the letter with the corresponding stipulations and payment of the equivalent down payment required.
Seminar Room 84 60 40 36 100
Seminar Room II 58 30 20 16 70
Conference Room 33 20 15 10 40
Meeting Room 21 15 10 6 20
FAQsWho do we talk to regarding food and beverage requirements for our events at the WTCMM?

WTCMM has a pool of carefully selected professional caterers with a wide variety of menus with reasonable price points. Upon confirmation of the reservation, the event organizer will be personally endorsed to the caterers for negotiation and selection.

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