Best Corporate Event Venue In The Philippines: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Best Corporate Event Venue In The Philippines: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Office conference rooms are rarely remarkable. You go into a conference room, lay out the agenda for the hour, then move on to functional discussions on new company milestones, goals, or even quarterly reports. Some companies, however, are smart enough to know that conference meetings can and should be fun! They do this by not only changing things up a notch but by also looking into the best corporate event venue in the Philippines.

A spacious, world-class, and sophisticated venue can easily transform your day-to-day meetings, conferences, business seminars, and many more, into a worthwhile and productive event that’s definitely for the books. If you’re searching for the right place to hold fun-filled corporate events, then you don’t have to go far because the #1 Manila convention center, World Trade Center Metro Manila, has everything you’re looking for.

What Can You Hold In The Best Corporate Event Venue In The Philippines?

What Can You Hold In The Best Corporate Event Venue In The Philippines?

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s exhibition halls and function rooms make for the best corporate event venue in the Philippines. With our state-of-the-art facilities and a vast space, you can stage virtually any kind of event you can think of.

Planning to hold a formal company seminar to reign in the new year? What about a product launch complete with a performance from a live band? There’s no better place to cover your meeting agendas, share ideas, and introduce innovations than at World Trade Center Metro Manila. Plan out your next meeting, kick-off party, corporate seminar, or even sumptuous company dinners with us and step it up with our fully equipped halls and function rooms.

Corporate Seminar

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s best corporate event venue in the Philippines is well-suited to corporate seminars. These events are more formal in nature. Companies that are holding seminars have the intention of providing employees with new learnings, creating new business strategies, or creating invaluable business partnerships.

The perfect seminar venue in Manila should be a quiet and intimate setting where business people can seamlessly discuss, or interact with professional keynote speakers. As such, World Trade Center Metro Manila’s fully sound-insulated functions rooms make the ideal choice.

Each function room can accommodate various seating layouts of your choice. For seminars, the Classroom and Theater seating can accommodate 60 people or more, with ample space for social distancing.

The Luna, Hidalgo, Amorsolo, and Joya Function rooms have all been installed with the latest audio-visual equipment. Our guests may also take advantage of the high-speed internet for live streaming, video conferencing, or conducting interactive virtual shows.


You can also hold dazzling and unforgettable corporate parties in the best corporate event venue in the Philippines. Choose from over 3 exhibition halls (Halls A, B, or C). When combined, they have a total area of 8,300 sqm. Important figures like board of directors, stakeholders, and other key players in your business will all be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a memorable occasion.

Notable corporations like Pru Life of UK have graced our finest exhibition halls in 2019 and 2020 for their Pru Life Kick-Off Rally. Guests donning stunning costumes were treated to live performances and dynamic music, all made possible through our innovative sound acoustics.

The next time you’re planning a party, choose World Trade Center Metro Manila’s best exhibition venue in the Philippines. All guests will be seated comfortably with extra room for other activities, or simply for mingling purposes. A dedicated buffet space can also be organized to offer light refreshments, full meals, or complimentary drinks.

Company Dinner

Whether you’re celebrating a business milestone, the end of a meeting, training seminar, or simply want everyone in your company to enjoy a fun get-together, World Trade Center Metro Manila’s function rooms should be your top go-to option.

We would be more than happy to accommodate your business’ preferences in organizing a relaxing company dinner, featuring only the best amenities and facilities that provide utmost comfort.

All of our function rooms can be modified for Banquet-style seating or even spacious Cocktail seating. For smaller company dinners, our Joya Room features an ergonomic design to allow our guests to move around uninhibited. Meanwhile, our Luna, Hidalgo, and Amorsolo Rooms can fit over 120 guests with ample space for social distancing. Event organizers and planners who have experienced working with us can help you ensure a successful company dinner to the delight of the guests.


The traditional conference rooms in your office building are definitely not the best venue for corporate events. They simply don’t have the features that can fully support a corporate event, much less fit a large capacity of individuals at the same time. Internet connectivity issues, poor lighting, low-tech equipment may be some of the issues that cannot make them a perfect venue for corporate events.

Why not hold your next meeting in either one or a combination of World Trade Center Metro Manila’s function halls? Fully-equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, comfortable furniture, and good acoustics — all powered by a fully-redundant electrical supply. You wouldn’t choose any other place to hold any type of corporate meetings you’re planning in the future but the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

Product Launch

Exciting product launches deserve to be staged in only the best corporate event venue in the Philippines. World Trade Center Metro Manila has been the go-to for this type of events and there’s no question why. We’re the only Manila convention center that offers spacious and contiguous floor space for every kind of trade shows — be it agricultural, heavy equipment, automotive, aerospace, and many more. In fact, international mobile phone and telecommunication companies have trusted our event-centric services to hold never-before-seen events.

OPPO Philippines had actually chosen our best corporate event venue in the Philippines for their OPPO F11 Pro Media Lunch in March 2019. Our exhibition halls were completely transformed into a disco-like setting featuring a feast of colors, visuals, and sounds to mark the introduction of the company’s latest flagship smartphone.

To aid in showcasing the phone’s features, World Trade Center Metro Manila allowed a set up of 360 degrees widescreen display that was visible to all the guests in the room. Exemplary audio-visual equipment have also helped fit the tone and match the theme of the event.

Features Of World Trade Center Metro Manila

 Features Of World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila has established a name for itself as the best corporate event venue in the Philippines. This is largely attributed to our commitment to hold larger-than-life-shows for every attendee that steps foot in our exhibition spaces.

Boasting a world-class exhibition space, excellent acoustics, fully-powered systems, sophisticated layout design, a pre-function lobby, and many more,; you’ll see that no other exhibition venue in Metro Manila does it better like us.

World Class Exhibition Spaces

World Trade Center Metro Manila is the best corporate event venue in the Philippines that has world-class exhibition space for any type of event. Combined together, all of the exhibition halls total to more than 8,300 sqm of floor space. The entire area has a load capacity of more than 250 pounds per square foot — perfect for displaying over hundreds of exhibition booths, heavy equipment, and other heavy machinery setups.

Our Exhibition Halls can be used for any single large event, or can be divided in three separate spaces for multi-purpose use. Each hall has a floor-to-ceiling height of over 10 meters which makes it perfect for hanging displays like LED screens, trusses to support decorations (up to 100 kg) and excellent for showcasing automotive equipment, aircraft, and other heavy equipment for construction, packaging, food and agricultural displays.

Excellent Acoustics

Each exhibition hall and function room has been installed with specialty wall paneling in order to provide every area with the most optimal acoustics and sound insulation there is. Even if there are multiple events taking place in a single day, we guarantee that your corporate event or business meeting won’t be disrupted by reverberations and high-noise levels from other events.

Having innovative wall acoustics can also allow you to hold lively and vibrant events without worry about disturbing anyone. Guests can freely celebrate, take part in different activities, use sound systems, and many more — all done in perfectly sound-proofed areas.

Sophisticated Design Layout

We at World Trade Center Metro Manila, the best corporate event venue in the Philippines, take pride in our sophisticated exhibition halls that have been laid out for our guest’s use. Designed by global architectural firm Gensler and Associates, our convention center is fitted and installed with all the specifications of a world-class venue. Trade shows, irrigation shows, motorbike events, food bazaars — all of these events have made World Trade Center Metro Manila home to one-of-a-kind experiences, made possible by the 9,710 sqm of contiguous ground level space.

Fully Powered Systems

Each hall and room is equipped with fully-powered electrical systems that can provide enough supply for all types of equipment. Multi-screen projections, large sound systems, dynamic audio-visual display — everything can be powered all at once without experiencing downtimes, with the support of our redundant power supply feature.

If you’re holding company parties, kick-off events, or sales rallies, our best corporate event venue in the Philippines can bring life to them. This is the place. Every electric installation, decoration, display, or fixture will have adequate electricity and will be operated through accessible floor boxes, making it seamless without showing the wires on the floor all throughout the duration of the event.

Pre-Function Lobby

To greet our guests before commencing the shows, the best corporate event venue in the Philippines also has a dedicated pre-function lobby where attendees can queue and properly register. Exhibition Halls A, B, and C’s pre-function lobby can accommodate more than 100 individuals prior to any event.

Like the exhibition halls, the pre-function lobby is also designed for the comfort of the attendees. It’s fully air-conditioned, vibrant, and spacious. Small tables can also be set up for on-site registrations or for light snacks and cool refreshments.


Rent The Best Corporate Event Venue In The Philippines From World Trade Center Metro Manila!

Opening its doors to the public almost 25 years ago, World Trade Center Metro Manila has set the standard to become the best corporate event venue in the Philippines. We are proud recipients of several prestigious awards and certifications from exhibition bodies like the World Trade Centers Associations, Union des Foires des Internationales (UFI), the global association of the exhibition industry, the Department of Tourism, Tourism Congress of the Philippines, PACEOS, and many more.

Internationally recognized, our exhibition center remains to be the leading venue for local and global events alike. Located in one of the country’s sprawling business districts in Pasay, we have paved the way for developing the country’s valuable role of live events for all industries.

\With premier spaces, functional exhibition design, and all the best services that any venue space can offer, World Trade Center Metro Manila is truly the best corporate events venue in the Philippines.

Get in touch with us now and find out how we can make any of your event extraordinary. Click here for more inquiries.

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