Features of A Manila Convention Center: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Features of A Manila Convention Center: World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila is a premier exhibition venue located in Pasay City. It is a member of prestigious organizations such as the World Trade Centers Association and Union des Foires Internationales. This Manila convention center first opened its doors in 1996 and became a preferred location for many local and international seminars and events.

Owing to its spacious capacity, it has already staged events with 15,000 attendees. It has a total of 24,000 sqm total floor area, with 11,300 sqm designated for indoor space and 11,500 sqm for outdoor exhibits. For smaller gatherings, there are multiple function rooms available for different purposes.

Multipurpose Halls and Function Rooms

Multipurpose Halls and Function Rooms

As the preferred Manila convention center, World Trade Center Metro Manila has versatile multipurpose halls and several function rooms that can be used for different purposes. It can cater to the most special requirements needed to stage special events. It is currently the only Philippine venue able to set up aviation, irrigation, and agriculture exhibitions that require heavy and specialized equipment.

Adaptable Design Setup

Because of its minimalistic design, this Manila convention center can adapt to various requirements and necessities vital to an exhibition. The indoor space can accommodate a large-scale event or can be divided into separate function halls. These spaces are almost always fully booked, with simultaneous events being held on the same days.

These partitions are soundproof, ensuring that each event can be staged without problems. The 10-meter high ceiling also allows structures up to 3-storey stands—giving opportunities to build tall displays or hang decorative elements that can enhance the experience of guests.

Availability of Outdoor Space

Aside from the multipurpose halls, you can also find plenty of ample space outside this Manila convention center. Because of an integrated security system, exhibitors would feel at ease staging their shows.

Because of its accessibility, visitors from all around the Philippines flock to this premier spot to attend prestigious events. Fortunately, vehicles of both organizers and guests will fit on parking grounds. It can accommodate up to 335 cars and provide safety to all attendees.

Various Show Concepts

With more than 20 years of catering to a wide variety of events, the World Trade Center Metro Manila has remained the most adaptable Manila convention center. From aerospace exhibitions to trendy bazaars, it has shown its flexibility in handling various show concepts.

Its hangar design is capable of housing numerous small vehicles, displaying light aircraft, and accommodating heavy machinery. The event center is also built with staging agriculture with irrigation exhibitions, where the availability of in-house water irrigation and drainage equipment are available.

The ceiling trusses are also made to carry heavy loads of lighting and sound riggings — which are all necessary to make an event successful. From religious events, food expos, or construction exhibitions, you name it and it will be made possible by Manila’s best convention center.

Different Capacities

Depending on the event, the interior halls can accommodate up to 15,000 attendees, 401 exhibition booths at 9 square meters under the new normal capacity, and ample space for motor vehicles inside the hall for a motor show. Aside from these, it has a lobby café which can accommodate guests to lounge.
For smaller seminars and events, there are 4 function rooms that can be booked individually or combined to fit-in more attendees. Different setups include theater, classroom, banquet, cocktail and event special event designs. Depending on these factors, organizers can invite 80 to 300 guests with proper social distancing.

Assistance from Professional Partners

Assistance from Professional Partners

A successful exhibition wouldn’t be complete without experienced, creative, and reliable partners who will assist clients. From construction and logistics to catering services, Manila’s best convention center can extend its assistance.

Booth Design

When it comes to booth design, both creativity and functionality must be considered. Depending on the organizer’s intention, the layout could change to fit the theme. A retail bazaar housing different brands to sell will benefit more from a simple design. On the other hand, an international exhibition can have customized booths with platforms, and other special lighting required.

For events that require either basic or tailored booths, this Manila convention center has affiliated partners with both the name and experience in making events successful. For design assistance, Centrex City Neon, Exist, Expodanex, and GodSpeed, could lend a helping hand. Aside from the standard booth system and basic exhibitions requirements, they can also assist in spcial design requirements of the exhibitors and organizers.

Freight Forwarders

To stage popular exhibits, a lot of exhibition materials—from portable stages, heavy lighting apparatus, large props, race cars, and other valuable items—are brought to an events venue. Because World Trade Center Metro Manila is preferred by international companies and organizations, many items from overseas need to be transported to Manila’s best convention center.

Freight forwarders such as AFCI Philippines, Agility Fairs And Events, All Transport Network, Columbia Transport Inc, Pak and Prime Logistics International are all accredited freight forwarders of the premier events center.

Food and Beverage

Aside from design and logistics, another vital component in organizing events is the supply of foods and beverages. Without these, events such as exhibitions, year-end parties, company meetings, and educational seminars would be incomplete. The hardworking staff of both simple and large events also need provision of filling and sumptuous meals.

To ensure the success of all types of events, the World Trade Center Metro Manila partnered with reputable and established caterers in the Philippines who are able to deliver both small and big food and beverage orders. From mobile bars to full buffets; organizers can choose from affordable to luxurious menus. All of these will guarantee a sumptuous and delectable experience for both organizers, exhibitors, suppliers, and guests.

Caters to Different Types of Events

Caters to Different Types of Events


World Trade Center Metro Manila is the leading choice when it comes to staging both local and international exhibits. It is also at the forefront when it comes to selecting a venue to organize seminars and workshops. Over the years, it has proven its versatility by catering to different types of events.


There are many event centers in Manila, but our convention center has always been the preferred choice. Organizations—both domestic and foreign, MSMEs or multinational companies—stage educational conferences at World Trade Center Metro Manila. One prestigious event held last March 3, 2020, was the Women’s Summit organized by The Philippine Center For Entrepreneurship (PCE).

Company Events

Kick-off parties, year-end parties, events, and brand exhibits are some of the many types of company events that have been handled by the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Lifestyle, the distributor of the popular herbal drink had their last kick-off rally last March 9, 2020 taking 3 halls of the world Trade Center Metro Manila accommodating almost all of their nationwide distributors in one big venue.

Book Fairs

Many people have probably heard of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. It is a global reading advocacy effort that started in Malaysia and has already toured more than 25 cities all around the world. It is a crowd favorite in Manila, with the convention center having 157,670 attendees in its 11-day books sale last February 14-24, 2020. Open 24/7, a lot of discounted books were made available to bookworms at Halls A-C by this popular event.

Fashion Bazaars

Loyal patrons will know that the World Trade Center Metro Manila frequently holds fashion bazaars in its halls. The most popular of these is the Trendsetter’s Bazaar, which caters to fashionistas enthusiasts all around the metro. It congregates the different brands and independent sellers in one place to provide the trendiest items at affordable prices. Because of its high demand, this event has been held a total of 10 times just last 2019.

Food Expos

Aside from clothes, a lot of people have enjoyed the food expos held at Manila’s best convention center. A variety of mouthwatering and appetizing edibles have been showcased on different occasions—from finger foods, main dishes, drinks, and delectable desserts. The Bakery Fair 2019, Manila Coffee Festival, and Food And Drinks Asia, Asia Food Expo, World Food Expo and MAFBEX were only some of the food exhibits that took place last 2019.

Sports Competitions

One of the most distinguished sports competitions in Asia, the South-East Asian Games 2019, was held in various locations all around Luzon. In its 30th year, this momentous occasion was held from November 30 to December 11. Athletes from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, and Timor Leste competed for medals. Matches in Karatedo, Wushu, and Fencing were held in World Trade Center Metro Manila.

Book The Finest Manila Convention Center: World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila has always been the preferred choice when it comes to staging exhibits and as a world-class seminar venue in Manila. As the best convention center, we offer the most ideal conference hall in the Philippines and function rooms that can adapt to every client’s needs.

This is made possible by the assistance of professional personnel and partners who have been in the business for a long time. We prove our versatility by catering to different types of events, may it be small or large-scale.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the B.E. SAFE Program is observed to prioritize the health and safety of all those involved in the organization and attendance of exhibits held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. We encourage everyone to follow these protocols because your safety is most important to us.

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