Design and Set-up Flexibility

WTCMM’s minimalistic design gives it limitless flexibility. It can be easily be dressed up, modified, and reconfigured according to an event organizer’s specifications and requirements. Its halls can also be separated into three areas to accommodate simultaneous functions, or rented as a single extensive open space for large-scale showcases

FH MA 1.9

Contiguous Space at Grade Level

WTCMM has an expanse of 11,300 square meters of contiguous and virtually unobstructed indoor exhibition space at grade level. Its floor area was ingenuously designed to cover only the ground level to answer for guests’ accessibility and an unhampered view of the entire floor area.

Trade show exhibitors have an almost, if not equal, share of foot traffic to their sections Multi-use pre-function Lobby space of 1,410 square meters allows for set-up of registration counters and spacious area for dining and welcome cocktails and reception

Ease of Ingress and Egress

Its wide entrance gates and ramps allow 40-foot container vans to be driven directly into the Hall for ease of ingress and egress, to allow single-load/unload of exhibition materials that reduce staging costs. With a ceiling height of 10 meters, the Hall lends ease in build up of even two storey-high special designs

Convenient and accessible floor boxes for electricity, communication connections and wireless internet connectivity inside the hall

Drainage and water system, inter alia, available on the exhibition floor, making it a suitable venue even for irrigation, agriculture and agrarian shows

Wide-open Loading Bay with capacity of up to a maximum of 8 cargo trucks loading and unloading at one time. 

FH MA 1.2

Floor Load Capacity

Its floor load capacity of 250 pounds per square foot can take heavy machinery and other equipment as exhibition articles

Gated Outdoor Space

WTCMM has a gated outdoor space of 11,500 square meters, which may be used for outdoor events and set-ups. The complex is self-contained, which makes it security-friendly and perfect for even the most security-sensitive events.

CCTV cameras, fully redundant power and water systems, fire protection system, parking for 335 cars plus a convenient and accessible location that assures visitor mileage.

“The Global business address that links you to the world”