Best Conference Hall In The Philippines: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Best Conference Hall In The Philippines: World Trade Center Metro Manila

Every year, countless conferences are held within the Philippines, further proving that the country’s event scene is robust. Conferences serve various industries and each one has specific requirements to be executed successfully — a need that inspired World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) to provide the best conference hall in the Philippines.

There are plenty of event venues sprawling across the country. However, for organizations seeking only the top features and amenities when renting a Manila convention center, WTCMM ensures the unrivaled comfort of attendees and maximum productivity of events with their best corporate event venue in the Philippines.

For many years, it has held its prestigious reputation of being the country’s top event venue choice. The spaces here have been chosen to host a wide array of local and international conferences. Should your organization plan a conference, look no further! Here is a guide on why WTCMM is the best conference hall in the Philippines. Read on.


Conference Hall Features

 Conference Hall Features

As the preferred conference hall in the Philippines, WTCMM is part of over 300 world trade centers across the world and has been awarded the Premier Accreditation by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA).

Designed by the global design architectural firm Gensler and Associates, WTCMM boasts of state-of-the-art facilities with specifications of world-class venues at par with only the world’s best.

Any event planning can be a demanding challenge for organizers. However, our three versatile conference halls (A, B, C) can cater to your every conference need. Of course, you can expect to be provided with world-class features in the best conference hall in the Philippines. Give yourself a chance to know more about what WTCMM can offer by reading more below.

Wide-Open Space With A Height Clearance of 10 Meters

Halls A-C has a total floor area of 10,810 sq. All in all, WTCMM conference halls have a staggering total floor area of 8,300 square meters and a floor-to-ceiling height clearance of 10 meters. The contiguous and unobstructed design allows adapting in even the most complex conference design layouts.

To add to that, the mezzanine level which houses the function rooms allows for participant’s accessibility and an unhampered view of the entire floor area. You will not have a problem with setting-up two-story booth designs and showcase large or tall equipment as well. By all means, set up of registration booths, dining areas, company stalls, and welcome receptions are all possible. Organizers can showcase all of these in the best conference hall in the Philippines.

Floor Boxes For Electrical Connections

Numerous types of equipment are required to maximize the productivity of conferences. These can range from multiple plugs to support audio-visual systems, the internet, and other communication tools.

Alongside a spacious hall, electricity is another important component of any event venue. You would be glad to know that WTCMM provides floor boxes for electricity, water and communication connections, and wireless internet connectivity which are all conveniently located inside the halls for easy access.

Provision For Water Supply and Drainage

To add to that, there is a provision for water supply and drainage in the halls. This enables organizers to infuse creativity in their designs through working water feature designs and fountains.

Redundant Power Supply

No conference can be executed without electricity, which further emphasizes the significance of a reliable and consistent supply of power. To address such a need, we provide the best conference hall in the Philippines with a redundant power supply.

If you are not familiar with a redundant power supply, it is a system supplying electricity through two different sources. Each of the power supplies has the capacity to produce electricity on its own. In the event one of the power sources is turned off, the other will continue to operate.

For the case of WTCMM, a redundant power supply would mean electricity is supplied to the entire facility, even if a power outage occurs.

Designated Loading Bay

To fully complement the impressive features of the best conference hall in the Philippines, easy ingress and egress are made possible as well. Given that conferences require numerous equipment and facilities to be successful, promptly setting them up is a must to avoid any event delays.

In this regard, the designated loading bays prove to be useful with wide entrance gates and ramps that can accommodate equipment as big as 40-feet. This allows for single-load and unloading that can reduce transportation and staging expenses. Ramps are also available enabling delivery vehicles to drive inside the halls for easy unloading.

Efficiency is a factor guaranteed when you choose WTCMM’s conference hall in the Philippines.

Design and Set-up Flexibility

What does the WTCMM have that sets it apart from just another conference hall in the Philippines? The halls are specially designed with limitless versatility. Like any work of art, each conference hall is somehow a blank canvas with a minimalistic design. You can transform it according to your needs.

Modify, reconfigure, and bring your dream conference vision to life at the best conference hall in the Philippines. If you have specific requirements, executing them with precision is easy.

Hosting a simultaneous conference with multiple topics or speakers? WTCMM allows you to do this with the available partitions in between halls for different functions or even a single extensive open space to accommodate large-scale conferences with many participants. No matter what you prefer you can set-up the spaces to your advantage very easily.

A State Of The Art Audio-Visual System With Multi-Display Projection

To ensure the maximum productivity of the conference, participants should be immersed in each detail the speakers will impart. They will need to hear every word and see each supporting visual material clearly.

For this reason, WTCMM invested in a state-of-the-art audio-visual system with multi-display projection. Organizers of conferences with large audiences will be able to maximize space with their huge stages with our ceiling that can accommodate riggings for trusses as our hanging points for screens are highly convenient. The hanging points can take in as much as 100 kilos, making it ideal to set up professional lighting and audio-visual equipment.

To add to that, multiple screens can be mounted at any given time along with the use of sound-proofed operable walls. These factors and more are what you can expect from a conference hall and the best corporate event venue in the Philippines.

Spacious Parking

In the Philippines, there is a problem with traffic congestion given the number of vehicles. Nowadays, parking is becoming a growing concern for venues. This is further stressed when it comes to a conference hall in the Philippines because it revolves around the audience that will attend.

Everyone who brought a vehicle will need a place for parking. In fact, many participants may end up not making it due to lack of parking spaces. This factor can translate to wasted opportunities for organizations looking to make a return on investment from ticket sales. The potential of attendees to create product sales must not be forgotten as well.

To address this concern, WTCMM provides ample parking space that can accommodate up to 335 vehicles at a given time.


Types of Conferences You Can Hold In World Trade Center Metro Manila

Types of Conferences You Can Hold In World Trade Center Metro Manila

The function of conference halls is to accommodate participants with a shared interest in one convenient location. This is where people share ideas and strengthen networks to reach a wider audience.

WTCMM is the premier choice when it comes to staging both local and international conferences. Here, you will find the best conference hall in the Philippines that is versatile enough to cater to different types of events.

Read on to learn about some of the types of conferences you can organize at WTCMM:


Conferences can either be hosted to accommodate large audiences or targeted focus groups. The participants come to learn from the keynote speaker. The main talk may be followed by panel discussions or interviews. Given that participants come to discuss important topics, ease of navigation around the venue is an important consideration.


Seminars are structured in a way that simultaneous learning and engagement take place. These sessions are highly interactive. For example, in a leadership seminar, the speaker would provide instruction or tips to attendees. Afterward, several activities related to the topic may be done.

Poorly planned seminars may cause confusion among participants despite the specific goal. Fortunately, the best conference hall in the Philippines of WTCMM is geared to be a conducive environment for learning.


Workshops are typically informal and set up for brief educational programs wherein participants focus on skills and sometimes take part in a hands-on manner. A group of specialists may come together to progress through the topics. At WTCMM, the halls are equipped to support workshops in line with various professional fields.


A symposium is an informal type of conference where speakers present their viewpoints on the chosen discussion topic. It is not necessarily academic in nature.

On the other hand, a colloquium is more formal and takes up broad topics while being led by a different speaker for each meeting. It will typically be followed by a debate or a meeting to formulate policies.

No matter what your conference goals might be, you can ensure to attain them with a premier conference hall in the Philippines such as WTCMM.

Corporate Meetings

It is important to hold corporate meetings to shed light on numerous goals and strategies or even celebrate positive developments and initiatives. Unlike a typical conference, the attendants here are employees only.

If you’ve ever worked for a large company with numerous branches, you might have a clear picture of the challenges of gathering everyone in one room. Fortunately, the halls of WTCMM are more than ready to accommodate large-scale groups.


Choose The Best Conference Hall In The Philippines: World Trade Center Metro Manila

When faced with many options, looking for the best conference hall in the Philippines can be overwhelming. You want a venue that will offer the ideal space size, allows flexible setups, and with available state-of-the-art amenities. At the World Trade Center Metro Manila, all these come together in one place.

For many years, the venue has hosted the most prestigious events in the country including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 1996 and 2015, ASEAN Summit in 2017, and the South SEA Games in 2019. We go above and beyond to fully embody a world-class conference hall in the Philippines.

What are you waiting for? Click here to start organizing your internationally acclaimed conference at World Trade Center Metro Manila! Or call us at (632) 8982-0000
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