Party Venue in Manila: Why the World Trade Center is the Best Choice for You

Party Venue in Manila: Why the World Trade Center is the Best Choice for You

Size, location, cost, additional amenities or services, and ambiance. These are a few of the things to consider when choosing a party venue in Manila. At the World Trade Center, you will find every requirement you are looking for. We have plenty of halls and function room options for you to accommodate as many guests as you want and still have space for other varied purposes.

World Trade Center’s Function Rooms For Every Type of Party

The World Trade Center provides plenty of function rooms and exhibitions to choose from, which makes it an ideal party venue in Manila. The center’s wide space is where you will have the liberty to create a floor layout without restrictions. From a function room that can accommodate a small number of 70 heads to exhibition halls that can roof thousands of guests and booths, here are the spaces World Trade Center has to offer.

Luna Room

The 140-square meter function room can accommodate over 100 people in banquet style while still having room for buffet setup, platform stage, and central space for any performance. 

If you are celebrating a birthday, debut, or holding a wedding reception, the Luna Room presents an ideal space. With its entrances located at the back and on the sides, there are plenty of entrance ideas for celebrants. In addition to that, the entrance for food replenishments will be unobtrusive and bothersome for the guests. 

Hidalgo Room

In terms of function room specifications, the Hidalgo Room is similar to the Luna Room. It can accommodate 100 people with an 8-seater table capacity for banquet style. For cocktail events, a total of 140 tables can be set up while still having ample space for dancefloors, a platform stage, DJ booth, and buffet or grazing tables. The Hidalgo room is situated beside the Luna Room, which can be combined for larger parties of over 200 guests. 

Amorsolo Room

The Amorsolo Room is slightly smaller than the Hidalgo and Luna Rooms. Its 120-square meter open space can accommodate at least 85 seats in banquet style and 120 tables for cocktail parties. The Amorsolo Room is perfect for intimate corporate parties and presents an ideal space for wedding reception purposes.

Joya Room

The Joya Room is for smaller celebrations. The 95-square meter Joya Room has a capacity of at least 70 seats for a banquet-style setup and 90 for standing tables meant for cocktail parties. If you are throwing a special gathering for the key people in the company, the Joya Room provides a conducive and intimate space. The room is located adjacent to the other rooms which limit the expansion of the space. 

Exhibition Halls

The World Trade Center is known for its wide spaces used for exhibitions. If you are having an annual celebration with guests coming from around the world and the entire company is invited, Exhibitions Halls A-C and D present the perfect venue to accommodate thousands of heads. It is the most ideal party venue in Manila for massive parties. 

  • Exhibition Halls A-C

With a total floor area of 10,810 square meters that allows space for a pre-function lobby of over 1,300 square meters to accommodate registration booths and sponsors’ stalls, the Exhibition Halls A-C is deemed the venue for formal corporate parties. If your party involves showcasing new products, the Exhibition Hall A-C is the best venue for your occasion.

  • Exhibition Hall D

Exhibition D is slightly smaller than the combined halls of A-C. With a total floor area of 3,000 square meters and a pre-function lobby of 300 square meters, Exhibition D presents an ideal venue for celebrating a large party wherein all departments of the company are invited. The lobby is conducive for registration booths as well as other sponsors’ booths. 

How to Get to the World Trade Center

The World Trade Center is deemed one of the best party venues in Manila because of its accessibility. Regardless of whether you are coming from Alabang and other areas in the South or from Quezon City and the North, you can traverse roads that take you directly to President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue where the main parking entrance is located. 

From Alabang or Southern Metro Manila

If you are coming from Alabang or anywhere in Southern Metro Manila, the fastest and most convenient route to take is the Skyway. 

  1. Exit Skyway through Senator Gil Puyat or Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue towards President Osmena Highway or SLEX. 
  2. Take the ground level and make a left turn on Sen. Gil Puyat. Take note, you will see a flyover located at the intersection of Gil Puyat and President Osmena Highway and you must avoid it.
  3. Stay in the middle lane of Gil Puyat and drive all the way to the end of the road. You must pass and cross the intersections of Batangas, Dian, Bautista, Marconi, and Tramo streets.
  4. Pass under the LRT Gil Puyat station and cross the Taft Avenue intersection. 
  5. If you cross Leveriza and Harrison, you must cross Roxas Boulevard through the underpass of the flyover. 
  6. Once you have crossed Roxas Boulevard, keep right to avoid cars making U-turns as well as cars turning right onto the next street after Harrison, which is Jalandoni. 
  7. You will see the World Trade Center on your left. Enter the parking lot along Diosdado Macapagal. 

From Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

The World Trader is easily accessible if you are coming straight from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. After exiting the NAIA building, make a U-turn on the turnaround junction of Andrews Avenue. 

  1. Once you have turned around the junction, stay in the middle lane of Andrews Avenue until you reach the next turnaround road.
  2. Turn right to go with the traffic flow. Stay in the middle of the bending road and take the next turn right onto Andrews Avenue again.
  3. Go straight but stay in the middle lane of the road. 
  4. Cross the intersection of Aurora Boulevard. 
  5. Stay in the middle of the airport road.
  6. After you have crossed Quirino, you will get to Roxas Boulevard. Stay right to avoid the majority of the traffic turning left on Roxas Boulevard.  
  7. Turn right onto Roxas Boulevard and pass by Redemptorist church.
  8. Drive straight to reach EDSA road. Avoid getting onto the flyover. Turn right onto EDSA and stay on the left lane. Once you see the U-turn, take it to transfer to the opposite lane of EDSA.
  9. Cross Roxas Boulevard under its flyover. Stay on the right or the inner lane for easy access to Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. Stay in the middle lane of Macapagal Avenue until you cross a bridge. 
  10. Drive past HK Sun Plaza and PNB Headquarters to reach the World Trade Center. 

From Bulacan, Quezon City, and North Luzon

Private vehicles coming from the Bulacan, Pampanga and North Luzon areas must traverse A. Bonifacio Avenue to reach President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. It is the fastest route that encounters light traffic on regular hours. 

  1. Take A. Bonifacio Avenue then Dimasalang Street to reach Quezon Boulevard. 
  2. From Quezon Boulevard drive straight to Quiapo and pass through the underpass to reach the Lawton area. 
  3. As the road bends slightly to the left, you must remain on the right of P. Burgos Street to avoid the Lagusnilad underpass near Taft Avenue. 
  4. After passing the junction or intersection of the street next to Lawton that borders Manila City Hall, stay in the middle of Padre Burgos Street where you should see the National Museum. 
  5. Cross the intersections of Finance Road, General Luna Street which leads to Intramuros and Palacio Street. 
  6. Stay on the left of Padre Burgos Street after crossing Palacio Street. Turn left on Roxas Boulevard and stay in the middle. 
  7. Cross the intersections of U.N. Avenue, Pedro Gil, and Quirino Avenue. Once you have crossed Quirino Avenue, you should see the Manila Yacht Club and Philippine Navy Headquarters. Next to it is the CCP Complex. 
  8. Turn right onto the street next to the Philippine Navy Headquarters which is Pedro Bukaneg. Stay in the middle of the street. 
  9. You will pass by the Harbor Square and you must take left on the next street which is Magdalena Jalandoni. Stay in the middle lane and cross the intersection of Vicente Sotto. 
  10. Magdalena Jalandoni street bends to the right as it reaches the junctions of Senator Gil Puyat Extension and President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. 
  11. At this point, you must already see the World Trade Center. Take P. Diosdado Macapagal Avenue to enter the parking area. 

From Makati

If you are coming from Makati, taking the Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenue route should bring you to the World Trade Center while avoiding re-routes on the road. 

  1. From Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenue, drive all the way to the grounds of CCP Complex wherein you should pass under LRT-1 and the Roxas Boulevard flyover. 
  2. After crossing Roxas Boulevard, you must stay in the middle of the road to avoid the vehicles making a U-turn to Jalandoni street. 
  3. Traverse the road until you see the World Trade to your left. Enter the parking lot along President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. 

A woman looking out of a hotel window

Hotels Near World Trade Center

One of the main reasons why the World Trade Center is the perfect party venue in Manila is the convenience nearby hotels provide. If you are coming from far places or you have guests traveling great distances, there are plenty of hotels nearby to choose from.

Tryp by Wyndham Manila

Located on Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex, Metro Manila, Pasay City, Tryp by Wyndham overlooks Manila Bay and is walking distance from SM Mall of Asia. The 1.8-kilometer distance makes the hotel one of the best choices. It is only six minutes away from the World Trade Center without traffic. At PHP6,000, you can book yourself a suite with 2 Queen Beds with premium Bayside view. 

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Sofitel is an iconic 5-star luxury resort located in Roxas Boulevard CCP Complex, Manila. From international and domestic airports, it only takes a 15-minute drive without traversing through congestion. Booking with any online travel agency will provide you with generous deals. 

With Agoda, you can obtain a premium room for 2 adults at PHP6,300. If you take the Vicente Sotto Street to Magdalena Jalandoni Street, you can get to the World Trade Center in 5 minutes. The 1.4-kilometer distance is a sure score for your guests coming from the provinces or abroad. 

The Heritage Hotel Manila

Situated along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, the Heritage Hotel Manila towers over EDSA, which faces Manila Bay. It is famous for its picture-perfect view of the sunset. Aside from the great view, the hotel is only 15 minutes away from the international and domestic airports. If you are inviting plenty of guests coming from far places to your special occasion in the World Trade Center, you can find affordable deals from travel agencies. Obtain 2 rooms for 5 adults for as low as PHP4,000. The hotel is 3.2 kilometers away from the World Trade Center, which takes over 11 minutes to traverse. 

Celebrate your special occasion at the World Trade Center Metro Manila!

An ideal party venue in Manila must be accessible and situated in an area where establishments like malls and hotels are nearby. If you have guests coming from out of town or even abroad, choose to celebrate at the World Trade Center, the premier convention center in the Philippines.

Make your party hassle-free and reduce the travel time of your international guests from the airport to their hotel in Manila and the World Trade Center. 

Looking for an events place in Manila? Click here to view the features and specifications of the World Trade Center’s exhibition halls as well as function rooms.

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