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The World Trade Center Metro Manila, being a premier accredited member of the World Trade Centers Association in New York, belongs to a network of nearly 300 WTCs in almost 100 countries worldwide. Reciprocity and cooperation are the fundamental tenets of WTCA. Thus, through this association, each WTC becomes a branch office for all the others.

This unique concept of reciprocity is passed along to all WTC club members, making membership in any center an entry to the international business community. Members get to participate in trade missions to international markets, as well as in business matching opportunities with incoming trade missions, to generate leads and gain valuable business contacts. Adding “Member of the Manila World Trade Center Club” to your business collateral can provide added credibility, which may help finalize that next international deal.

On top of this key pass to the world, membership in the WTC Metro Manila Business Club gives you cost-effective marketing advantages over your competition as it offers opportunities anchored on international markets. The Club furnishes member referrals in response to requests from around the world for products and services available in this region.

  1. Participation in business matching opportunities to generate leads and gain valuable business contacts
  2. Participation in inbound and outbound trade missions to broaden international business network
  3. Participation in trade education programs such as business seminars, market briefings, networking and lifestyle events to get updated on latest global trends
  4. Opportunities to receive business referrals through high-level introductions
  5. Access to international trade services and facilities in WTCs around the world with preferential rates
  6. Access to special member rates for Business Center services, Function rooms and Exhibition halls
  7. Assistance in securing up-to-date trade information and business-related research materials
  8. Year-round visiting access in selected trade fairs held at WTCMM
  9. Listing in the WTCMM and WTCA website
  10. Access to information on upcoming WBC activities and events

    WTC is a physical facility with a specific purpose of creating a marketplace for companies engaging in international business or servicing international businesses. It brings people together in a global economy and instrumental in promoting prosperity through trade and investment. A WTC helps globalize the local business environment by providing international linkages among entities engaged in international trade.


    Be provided with detailed information about new markets. Trade information includes profile of local business contacts, local products and services, market profiles, business cultures, socio-economic statistics, determining the best locations, as well as techniques for exporting and importing. Members may also request assistance in identifying international trade shows and exhibitions that they may participate in or visit that will enhance Members’ global competitiveness.


    Gain continuous education through practical business and trade workshops, seminars, briefings and networking events held throughout the year such as Markets of the World, where experts from featured countries are invited to talk about how to do business in their countries


    Be assisted in participation to both local and international trade shows and exhibitions.


    Be a participant to incoming and/or outgoing trade missions to key markets around the world. Outgoing trade mission links local businesses with key target markets abroad; while incoming trade mission guides overseas businesses in doing business with local business counterparts. A comprehensive package of services ranging from hotel and travel arrangements to business match-making are provided in relation to trade missions and business sessions. Individual business trips of local and foreign companies are likewise arranged and facilitated by the Club.


    Avail of business support services and facilities while away from home or office, namely, travel arrangements, airline ticket handling, hotel reservation, local ground arrangements, internet access, photocopying, facsimile and interpretation services. Meeting rooms and Temporary Office Spaces are also conveniently available. Secretariat services are also available.

  • Corporate

    A Corporate Member shall be an individual or a company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission whose application has been accepted by the Club.A Corporate Member company may nominate three (3) of its executives to be accredited representatives. The accredited representatives shall be entitled to enjoy all the facilities and services of the Club and participate in all activities organized by the Club.The Corporate Member may change all or any of its accredited representatives to its other executives upon their resignation or separation from the company. The request shall be submitted in letter authorizing the transfer of membership.

  • Individual

    An Individual Member shall be an individual engaged in business and trade (importer, exporter, trader, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, professionals, etc.) with business registered with the Department of Trade & Industry whose application has been accepted by the Club.Individual Members shall be entitled to enjoy all the facilities and services of the Club and participate in all activities organized by the Club.


    Duly accomplished WBC Application Form

    1. Company Profile or Brochure describing principal products and/or services

    2. Copy of DTI Registration or SEC Registration and latest Business Permit

    3. Payment of One-Time Entrance Fee for new members, plus Annual Membership Dues

    *For Corporate Membership, a Company is entitled to nominate a principal member and 2 additional representatives.

  • Corporations
  • Professionals
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Single Proprietorships

WTC Metro Manila Business Club Members

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