World Trade Center Metro Manila: All Kinds of Function Rooms In Manila For Rent

World Trade Center Metro Manila: All Kinds of Function Rooms In Manila For Rent

Numerous functions in the Philippines are organized meticulously every year. From parties, conferences, meetings, to food-tasting events — the country falls nothing short of functions. Organizing these functions requires immense planning that can be incredibly demanding to execute. One will need an ample amount of time to prepare, align every personnel involved, have the essential supplies, and choose the right function rooms in Manila for rent.

The venue undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the success of every function. Amenities, features, and space flexibility to accommodate attendees with ease are some of the factors you would need to consider.

A myriad of venues across the country have hosted events over the past few years. However, if you are on the lookout for function rooms in Manila for rent, the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) can prove to be the best venue choice. As one of the country’s benchmarking spaces for both renowned local and international functions, here is a guide on why it can be your best option, read on.


Function Room Specifications and Capacities

Function Room Specifications and Capacities

You can expect nothing less than world-class from function rooms in Manila for rent. At WTCMM, we offer choices between premium function rooms that meet global standards complete with top-notch amenities and features.

Located at the building’s mezzanine level, all function rooms are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity and audio-visual system with multi-display projection.

WTCMM has four function rooms available namely: Luna, Hidalgo, Amorsolo, and Joya.

All these vary in size and capacity, but their partitions can be combined, modified, and reconfigured to accommodate the preferences and specifications of the organizer. There is also a business center boardroom for meetings and a VIP lounge for honored dignitaries. Continue reading to learn more about our different function rooms in Manila for rent.


The Luna Room is one spacious seminar venue in Manila, making it ideal for bigger conferences and seminars.

Boasting an area of 140 square meters, rest assured your function will remain unobstructed from tight spaces. You can accommodate a huge number of participants and still have enough space for essential seminar inclusions such as refreshments and food areas for participants, registration booths, and sponsor booths.


In terms of function room specifications, the Hidalgo Room is similar to the Luna Room with a 140 square meter area. If you seek function rooms in Manila for rent that pays attention to ergonomic-design, this is one of the most suitable choices for you. This will allow participants to move around freely. Different kinds of equipment needed can be set-up easily without interrupting the flow of the event.

For instance, you plan to hold a large event. The Hidalgo Room can be combined alongside the Luna Room for a staggering 280 square meter venue. When staging the best events, there are truly no other better function rooms in Manila for rent.


Who says that you cannot hold a small, yet effective function? Certainly not in WTCMM’s function rooms in Manila for rent. With a 120 square meter area, the Amorsolo Room is slightly smaller. However, there is no shortage of functionality in this open space for it can accommodate up to 110 participants in a theater setting.

The Amorsolo Room is among the ideal function rooms in Manila for rent if you want to hold private functions with a few key people. This can be a party with loved ones and close friends or maybe a seminar with a few key people.

The smaller seating capacity of the Amorsolo Room allows participants to focus more on seminar goals. For example, you can talk about company improvements for the coming year among the management team. But if you prefer the biggest space for your functions, feel free to combine the Amorsolo, Hidalgo, and Luna


The Joya Room is a conducive space dedicated by WTCCMM for intimate celebrations. It has hosted some of the most important functions in Metro Manila.

If you want to celebrate small birthdays, wedding receptions, or any other small party, this venue offers a less rowdy and more relaxed environment.


Function Room Seating Arrangements

 Function Room Seating Arrangements

We understand that different types of functions require different room setups as well. You would be glad to know that all of our function rooms in Manila for rent have been specifically designed to hold all kinds of events. Here, different seating and table setups are provided for the convenience of clients.


As its namesake suggests, the Theater seating comes with chairs aligned in consecutive straight rows. It is an ideal venue setup for holding large functions wherein all departments of the organization are invited such as conferences and seminars.


The Classroom setup comes with IBM tables and chairs lined up in rows and columns, making it ideal for functions that encourage interaction amongst participants. This is ideal for functions such as team buildings and workshops that make use of handout materials, note-taking, and even dining in seats.

It’s true that the Classroom setup has a smaller occupancy size. However, it would be ideal if you need to utilize tables and chairs for supporting the success of the function.


Stop searching for the best function rooms in Manila for rent that are suitable for appreciation parties, charity events, and other seated events. The rooms in WTCMM can create the Banquet setup wherein clusters of round tables and chairs are ready to welcome attendees. Rest assured that it is a venue fit to professionally host the best celebrations that you’ve ever seen.

Watch this room setup cater to your needs and transform into the most sought-after venue!


When people think of function rooms in Manila for rent, chances are long banquet style tables or rounds of dining tables come to mind. However, the advantages of Cocktail setups are not to be overlooked. It encourages attendees to interact, enjoy food in a unique way and will create more space.

Our Cocktail setup comes with high-rise single tables that are scattered around the venue, allowing guests to freely roam around the venue. This type of setup is ideal for product launches, food-tasting events, cocktail receptions, or other events that do not require chairs. Usually, charcuterie and pica-pica are the food served at these events. Given that there are no chairs needed, this setup boasts of more space.


What Are The Events You Can Hold In World Trade Center Metro Manila Function Rooms?

What Are The Events You Can Hold In World Trade Center Metro Manila Function Rooms?

When faced with many options, looking for the best function rooms in Manila for rent can be overwhelming. You would want a venue that offers the ideal space, has flexible setups, and top-notch amenities. Fortunately, WTCMM provides you just that. In fact, we go beyond your typical function rooms.

WTCMM embodies world-class services which is why we offer esteemed professional services to help with booth design, booth construction, freight forwarding, and catering.
We have function rooms in Manila for rent that boast advantages unlike any other, making it entirely possible to host a wide variety of events.

Here are some examples of events you can organize at WTCMM:


Our function rooms in Manila for rent are widely known for hosting some of the renowned conferences in the Philippines. No matter what industry your organization may specialize in — may it be construction, travel, electronics, mass media, logistics, architecture, or entertainment — you can host any conference here.

Meetings and Seminars

Meetings and seminars are structured in a way simultaneous learning and engagement take place.

For instance, if you have been in a leadership seminar or private meetings, you would recognize that the speakers provide tips to audiences. Afterward, the speaker might choose to engage attendees through activities or breakout sessions.

Poorly organized meetings and seminars will cause confusion among participants despite the goal of further learning. Luckily, our function rooms in Manila for rent are more than equipped to serve your needs. Rest assured that our amenities and services will make way for smooth functions.


Parties offer the most memorable experience in people’s lives. It is only right to host it in the best function rooms in Manila for rent. Whether it’s an intimate wedding reception, birthday, or themed parties — you can host it all at WTCMM. We offer numerous venues that have different capacities and setups. Take advantage of an impressive function room that will make the party even more special.

Food-Tasting Events

Food-tasting events are one of the most exciting functions that aim to promote either local or international cuisines. You’d be glad to know that our venues have been chosen for major food and beverages expos like WOFEX, AFEX, MAFBEX, IFEX, and more. You can showcase a variety of tastes to clients at WTCMM with efficiency in mind.

Choose The Best Function Rooms For Rent In Manila By World Trade Center Metro Manila!

There are many things to consider to ensure the success of events ranging from aligning every personnel involved, having the essential supplies, and of course, choosing the right event itself for the goals you wish to achieve.

Looking for the best function rooms in Manila for rent is not an easy task. But by choosing the World Trade Center Metro Manila, you can be assured that its state-of-the-art amenities and features will cater to your every event need.

Take advantage of design and set-up flexibility, location accessibility, high-speed internet, hundreds of parking spaces, along with a professionally trained team working to guarantee your event’s success.

Click here to keep in touch with the premier Manila convention center and start on your dream event today!

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