Event Venue Rental | World Trade Center Metro Manila

Event Venue Rental | World Trade Center Metro Manila

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Experienced event organizers would know the importance of choosing the right venue, as this could affect the success of the event. You need to consider the ease of use, the ambiance, the design requirements, the number of attendees, and the location as these can make or break your event. Fortunately, World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) can help you tick off all these things on your event checklist. If you’re looking for a well-equipped event venue rental, continue reading. 


What To Rent In World Trade Center Metro Manila

What To Rent In World Trade Center Metro Manila

World Trade Center Metro Manila is a fully equipped facility that can accommodate both big and small events. Compared to other event venue rentals in Metro Manila, WTCMM is set apart from the competition because of its large open spaces that offer a perfect canvas for events. There are 8,300 square meters of spacious ground-level contiguous space, 8,200 square meters of gated outdoor space, and 1,410 square meters of pre-function lobby space available for renting.

Below are the available event spaces for rent at WTCMM:

Exhibition Halls

WTCMM’s minimalist exhibition hall allows unlimited flexibility when it comes to design and set-up. The exhibition can be rented as a single extensive open space or separated into three areas to accommodate multiple events. The floor area only covers the ground level for maximum accessibility and view. 

Bringing in large equipment and machines is not a problem because of the floor load capacity of 250 pounds per square foot. There is also an ease of ingress and egress thanks to the wide entrance gates and ramps — so even 40-foot container vans can be driven into the hall. Two-story special designs can also be accommodated with a ceiling height of 10 meters. 

Function Rooms

WTCMM’s meeting event venue rental is perfect for seminars and conferences, with the capacity to accommodate 600 persons at one time. This space may be partitioned into four rooms for breakout sessions. 

All meeting rooms are equipped with an audiovisual system, multi-display projection, and high-speed internet to make meetings more convenient. A Business Center Boardroom and VIP Lounge are also provided for high-level board meetings and VIP guests. 

WTCMM’s meeting venue can be set up into theater, banquet, classroom, and cocktail layouts depending on your event requirements.


Why Rent A Venue In World Trade Center Metro Manila

Why Rent A Venue In World Trade Center Metro Manila

If you’re interested in booking an event venue rental in Metro Manila, WTCMM is the premier choice. Here are some reasons to rent our exhibition halls and function rooms:

Preferred Venue For Prestigious Events

WTCMM has been chosen to hold many local and international conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and other events because of our world-class and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Below are some notable events that were held at WTCMM:

  • Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC)
  • ASEAN Summit
  • National Women’s Summit
  • 1st and the 2nd National Priests’ Convention

Can Hold Different Types Of Events

WTCMM has held various kinds of events throughout the years, thanks to the event venue rental’s design flexibility and capacity to accommodate numerous attendees. 

Below are the different types of events you can host at WTCMM:

  • Meetings, Seminars, And Conferences: WTCMM offers various function halls and meeting rooms that can accommodate numerous guests.
  • Conventions, Exhibitions, and Bazaars: A capacity of 640 standard-size exhibition booths can be accommodated all on one floor. Big designs are possible because the hall can allow up to a 3-story booth structure. 
  • Motor shows, agricultural, aviation, and irrigation: As many as 550 motor vehicles can fit inside the hall. Due to the high floor load capacity, heavy machinery and other equipment can also be accommodated. Light aircraft, trucks, forklifts, and other large machinery are suitable for the hall’s hangar-type structure. Irrigation, agriculture, and agrarian shows can also be held because of the drainage and water system. 
  • Corporate sales rallies, kick-offs, rave parties, and team buildings: The sound-proof operable wall and acoustic wall treatment are perfect for loud events.
  • Sports events: Sports events can be hosted inside WTCMM’s exhibition halls wide open space. There are also trusses available for the setup of rappelling and bungee equipment.
  • Large assemblies: Graduation rites, fashion shows, concerts, and other assemblies of numerous people can be hosted in WTCMM because of the large capacity of the exhibition hall. 

Situated In A Strategic Location

WTCMM is an event venue rental located in Pasay City, Metro Manila. This means that it’s highly accessible to the international airport, seaports, five-star hotel accommodations, well-known restaurants, entertainment, and cultural facilities, and the financial business districts. 


How To Rent An Event Venue In World Trade Center Metro Manila

If you’re interested in making a reservation for WTCMM’s event venue rental, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Duly fill out the WTCMM Application For Hire and send it to the Marketing Department through the following channels:– Facsimile 902-0000 extension 513

Make sure to include a Project Brief or Event Concept when submitting the fully accomplished Application For Hire. 

  1. Wait for the approval of your application. The Marketing Department will also provide a proposal or contract that states the hiring period, rates, payment schedule, and additional requirements needed.
  2. A signed conforme of the letter and downpayment will be needed when the hiring contract and terms and conditions of hire are accepted. 


Book A World-Class Event Venue Rental With World Trade Center Metro Manila!

If you’re looking for an event venue rental for your corporate meetings, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, and other professional events, you can make a reservation with World Trade Center Metro Manila! For questions and inquiries, you can send us a message here. 

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