Become Well-Versed In International Trade With The WTCMM CIT Online Program

Become Well-Versed In International Trade With The WTCMM CIT Online Program

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How does the WTCMM CIT Online Program improve your professional trade skills?

  1. Boost self-confidence
  2. Learn a range of transferable skills
  3. Meet with professionals from around the world
  4. Address real-world challenges
  5. Earn credentials in international trade


World Trade Center Metro Manila Certificate in International Trade

Our Certificate in International Trade is a professional trade designation earned by completing comprehensive courses. Know more about this certification here: #wtcmm #cit #internationaltrade

Posted by World Trade Center Metro Manila on Saturday, 21 April 2018


Through innovations like the internet, the wide gaps between geographical boundaries have been significantly reduced. Adopting a more global and flexible approach to professional discourse has slowly become the norm and will continue to do so as nations become more interconnected with one another. As someone navigating this kind of world, you may have wondered to yourself if there’s any way you can have a lasting impact. With the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM)’s Certificate in International Trade Online Program, it’s certainly possible.


What Is The WTCMM CIT Online Program?

The WTCMM CIT Online Program is an education program that provides a cost-efficient, quick, yet effective and pragmatic approach to professionalize one’s business skills and knowledge and allow one to manage and do business on a global perspective.

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Boost Self-confidence

A man more confident after taking a CIT Program

While the Philippines does not rank high in international competency, there are many factors associated with this fact. Part of this is the quality of our educational system.

It’s fairly common for a student who has graduated with a degree in international trade to find themselves having to take another extra year to pursue further education abroad. This is to acquire knowledge and skills that will provide him/her with a step-up in personal competitive advantage in international markets and in the workplace.

This is just one of the many gaps that the WTCMM CIT Online Program aims to address in the real-world of business community. It specifically provides the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to have a greater advantage in the international market. It supplants their learning with insights on more applicable professional scenarios in the global trade. In turn, this will boost their self-confidence by gaining a more competitive advantage in their field.


Learn A Range Of Transferable Skills

One of the most distinctive features of CIT Online is that it enables students to learn a wide range of transferable skills that can be used in various professional fields.

The target audience of the program are those engaged in sales, logistics, exports, imports, warehousing, customs brokerage, marketing, and other related fields. However, it also welcomes businessmen, students, fresh-graduates, and those looking to be trained in graduate-level education for a better understanding of international trade and engagement.

With this in mind, the set of soft and hard skills learned by the students is comprehensive enough to become usable across many designations. This allows students to be open to various kinds of professional and business opportunities such as manufacturing, consultancy, purchasing, marketing, and many others. This ultimately allows for a smoother transition — from working for a small business to working in a larger and more globally renowned government and non-government organizations.


Meet With Professionals From Around The World

A student in the WTCMM

The pandemic has invariably limited people’s opportunities to meet and engage with other professionals in international trade physically. As such, the need to adapt to the situation has seen people taking advantage of online communication platforms. Therefore CIT is made available online to make it more accessible not only for WBC students but also to anyone who is willing to learn international trade. This will enable one to meet with resource speakers and other professionals from different industries whom you can consult for an actual business concern.

Students would be able to broaden their networks by fostering professional relationships with people that they may have not been able to meet. By taking advantage of this incredible opportunity, students are able to open themselves up to a wider worldview. Through these meaningful interactions, members will have the chance to keep in constant communication with these individuals, even long after they’ve completed the course and may have the chance to do business with in the future.


Addressing Real-World Challenges

It may be a common feeling to view one’s skills as independent of the outside world surrounding it. Some people may even feel a sense of professional value in what they do. But in the pursuit of a much larger significance, it’s important to view one’s world as part of a larger and more complex macrocosm.

The WTCMM CIT Online Program encourages everyone to go beyond their current role in their respective fields. It also provides support as participants equip themselves with the necessary skills and training to adopt a global standpoint to address real-world challenges. The program transforms each student’s potentials and uses them for a more practical and hands-on approach in problem-solving.

Students will be provided with vast resources such as online discussions, collaboration tools, and courses based on current issues. Through regular assessments, students can better hone their critical thinking abilities to respond to today’s global challenges.


Earn Credentials In International Trade

Portrait of pretty Vietnamese businesswoman posing with digital tablet near computer with statistical data on screen

One of the primary goals of the WTCMM CIT Program is to assist students in improving their skills and knowledge — fit for every aspect of international trade. In many ways, this program standardizes and complements the already-existing competencies possessed by the participants.

Once the students have completed the rigorous training and assessment offered by CIT, they will be granted the proper credentials that are both locally and internationally recognized in many fields. The program serves as a gateway for them to branch out and expand everything that they have learned in exporting, trade finance, export negotiations, organizational development, and more. This can lead to valuable and fulfilling employment or business opportunities.


Key Takeaway

If you have always wanted to become well-versed in the language of international trade, then now is your chance! The WTCMM CIT Online Program is an all-encompassing series of courses that allows participants to gain better competency in their field, expand their international trade network, and be equipped with the proper credentials to pursue endeavors in their fields. The program is open to those who want to professionalize their international trade learnings to enrich their skills.

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