Types of Trade Shows

Types of Trade Shows

Lila Cailles

What are the different types of trade shows?

  1. Aircraft
  2. Healthcare
  3. Agriculture
  4. Food
  5. Video games


There has been a growing number of ways by which organizations and industries present their innovative products to the public. The aim of these marketing strategies is to increase the level of exposure, especially for a relatively new addition. One of the best ways these organizations can achieve a high level of exposure is by engaging their consumer base through different types of trade shows

In a trade show, various businesses are conveniently located in a single venue. The public would easily have access to the new products and services offered by these industries. Simply put, the purpose of trade shows is to exhibit new products and showcase their features. While there are several ways by which exist many methods by which this can be achieved, the purpose is relatively similar across all trade shows. 

Continue reading to learn more about the industries that have taken advantage of this effective exhibition method.



When it comes to displaying a new fleet, the aviation industry has to ensure they’re highlighting all the necessary features of their new aircraft. The success of the trade show depends largely on how they present their products to niche consumers who are looking for specific features.

Though these products may seem cumbersome, exhibition venues such as the World Trade Center Metro Manila boast spacious environments that can hold such items. The wide space can properly display different aircrafts while helping enthusiasts maximize their time during the show. World Trade Center Metro Manila’s Exhibition Hall is architecturally-designed to simulate the environment of a hangar – perfectly fit for aviation shows.

Aviation industry experts can take advantage of the space by utilizing only the best and most suitable kinds of promotional materials for their trade show exhibit. For example, they can fully maximize the use of digital channels to display each pertinent feature of the aircraft being showcased. Aside from this, they can also engage their consumer base by setting up interactive activities in their booths.



There is no better way for the healthcare industry to introduce new technological advancements to the public than by showcasing them in trade shows. As mentioned before, spacious convention centers like the World Trade Center Metro Manila have made it possible for a number of trade shows to simultaneously take place.

Healthcare professionals will be able to draw in large crowds as they showcase the latest developments in medicine, specialty practices, innovative machines, and burgeoning medical careers.

It’s important for healthcare exhibitions to allow participants to get a feel of the products and services. For example, if such a trade show were to introduce new radio technology machines, they could promote the machine’s features and allow the public to try them out.



The agriculture industry has also been able to use trade shows for their benefit. However, since the industry is highly-specialized, they need access to the right kinds of amenities and utilities to showcase their different products and services. 

As such, it’s important that they’re situated at a place with easy access to water and drainage and irrigation systems. Those in the private agricultural sector would be able to achieve this at the World Trade Center Metro Manila since it has built-in utilities useful for the industry. 

For agricultural trade shows, the best kinds of promotional materials are usually the ones with digestible information. An example of which is print-outs showcasing new developments in food technology. 

Similar to many other types of trade shows, agricultural exhibitions need to combine various exhibition techniques in order to garner public attention and appeal. 



This type of trade show is commonly utilized by major industrial brands in the food processing industry. In typical food-based trade shows, more attention is put towards promoting the brand in its entirety. For example, these trade shows may feature informational material in the form of digital promotions that narrate the organization’s history. It could also showcase the best industrial practices they employ in their processing facilities.  Meanwhile if these companies are showcasing their new items, one way of enticing their consumer base is by offering free samples of their new food items.

Video Game


It cannot be denied that game console developers are one of the most prominent industries able to maximize trade shows. These trade shows are usually the most interactive and arguably the most popular because of the large target market.

A defining feature of this kind of trade show is that it engages the public through video game demonstrations, beta-testing, freebies, giveaways, and other incentives for third-party developers. The video game industry is highly lucrative. Established companies will no longer have to work on earning the trust of their consumers. On the other hand, those who are relatively new to the competition might need to exert more effort in garnering interest through booth activities, displays, and exhibits.

Key Takeaway

Convention centers like the World Trade Center Metro Manila have made it possible for various industries to come together in one space and work towards promoting their brand as well as their products and services. 

With different types of trade shows available, the public will be left with very few to be desired once they visit convention centers. The guide above has hopefully equipped you with adequate information on the most popular trade show arrangements utilized by different companies and organizations.

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