#FlexSpace: The Multi-Purpose Venue That Will Suit Any Of Your Functions

#FlexSpace: The Multi-Purpose Venue That Will Suit Any Of Your Functions

Lila Cailles

How can the #FlexSpace multi-purpose venue suit any of your functions?

  1. Huge secure spaces with ample height clearance
  2. Redundant power supply and emergency power capabilities
  3. Convenient floor boxes for water, electricity, and high-speed communication connections
  4. Flexible for any design set-up you need
  5. World-class audio-visual systems with multiple display projection

The World Trade Center Manila (WTCMM) launches the #FlexSpace multipurpose venue program to repurpose its state-of-the-art halls to accommodate all kinds of functions. Whether you need a MICE or non-MICE venue (for commercial shoots, fashion shows, office extensions, licensure exams, sports facilities, warehouse storage, parking area, call center, live streaming site, etc.) — you can avail of our unobstructed indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces complete with design features to make your dream events a reality.

As we reopen our doors, WTCMM stands by its commitment to prioritize the health and safety of our guests. We have been granted the Safety Seal Certification by the Department of Tourism in compliance with the DOLE-DOH-DILG-DOT-DTI Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 21-01. Rest assured the venue has been disinfected and secured from COVID-19 to ensure your function will run safely and efficiently.

As the premier choice for all kinds of functions, anything is possible. With WTCMM’s #FlexSpace, your imagination is the only limit.

Huge Secure Spaces With Ample Height Clearance

Huge Secure Spaces With Ample Height Clearance

WTCMM has an expansive 18,276 sqm space at grade level with 8,300 square meters of contiguous indoor exhibition space, a multi-use pre-function lobby space of 1,410 square meters, and a gated outdoor space of 9,976 square meters that can be used for “al fresco” events. With a floor-to-ceiling height clearance of 10 meters, our halls are designed to easily adapt to even the most complex function design layouts. Ample space is most important in choosing your venue to allow proper social distancing and ascribe with standard safety protocols.

Virtually all kinds of functions with demanding storage or warehouse needs can be accommodated by the WTCMM #FlexSpace. Need to load and unload storage items from 40-foot container vans? Rest assured there will be ease of ingress and egress with our halls’ wide entrance gates and ramps. If you need to maintain social distancing — be it for call center operations or extension of your office — our vast #FlexSpace is complemented by all the features you need.

Redundant Power Supply And Emergency Power Capabilities

We understand that no function can be executed without electricity, which further emphasizes the importance of reliable power sources. For example, live streaming events, fashion shows, and sports events, all need a consistent energy supply. To address such needs, WTCMM #FlexSpaces are equipped with a redundant power supply.

Our energy system is supplied through two different sources, each one capable of supplying power on its own. In the event that an electrical outage occurs, another source will provide power ensuring your event doesn’t get disrupted.

Convenient Floor Boxes For Water, Electricity, and High-Speed Communication Connections

Convenient Floor Boxes For Water, Electricity, and High-Speed Communication Connections

Every function requires some type of equipment. These can include plugs for operating audio-visual systems, WiFi, water supplies, communication tools, and other electrical equipment. Our #FlexSpace has convenient and accessible floor boxes for your function’s needs.

Flexible For Any Design Set-up You Need

Every function is different and each one has differing design set-ups. This is exactly why our #FlexSpace comes as a blank canvas with a sophisticated minimalist design. It is versatile enough to meet your set-up needs. Modify, reconfigure, and bring your dream function to life only with the best conference hall in the Philippines.

Need more space for your fashion runway or extension office space? WTCMM allows you to do this with the adjustable partitions in between halls. Want to set up water feature designs and fountains for your photoshoot? There is a provision for water supply and drainage in our halls.

No matter what set-up you plan to have, executing them with precision is easy with our #FlexSpace multipurpose venue.

World-Class Audio-Visual System With Multiple Display Projection

World-Class Audio-Visual System With Multiple Display Projection

To ensure your function remains highly productive, our flexible spaces are equipped with world-class audio-visual systems and multiple display projections. We guarantee that anything you showcase will be seen and heard clearly across the halls.

For functions that need huge staging areas, our ceilings’ trusses provide for hanging points that can take in as much as 100 kilos and more. You can set up professional lighting systems or even rappelling and bungee equipment for sporting events.

Key Takeaway

From commercial shoots, fashion shows, office, licensure exams, sporting facilities, warehouse storage, parking area, call center to even live streaming — WTCMM’s #FlexSpace multipurpose venue is ready to take your stunning and awe-inspiring functions up a notch.

As the country’s premier exhibition center, we repurposed our state-of-the-art halls for your needs. Backed by the Safety Seal Certification, we can open our doors once again while ensuring the public’s safety. Call us at 8-WTC(982)-0000 or click here to inquire more about our #FlexSpace today.

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