8 Health Protocols To Keep In Mind When Holding Events

8 Health Protocols To Keep In Mind When Holding Events

Lila Cailles

What are the health protocols to keep in mind when holding events?

  1. Have a floor plan that observes social distancing
  2. Consider pre-registration
  3. Manage the entry flow of participants
  4. Employ a “no mask, no entry” policy
  5. Regular sanitation of the venue
  6. Stay updated on the latest health protocols
  7. Go cashless
  8. Opt for pre-packaged meals


Even with the general community quarantine (GCQ) underway, the health and safety of everyone is still the top priority these days. Event organizers face numerous challenges given the COVID-19 situation. Amidst the government’s advisories, there are health protocols to keep in mind when holding events.

Event planners are seeking ways to organize exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and fairs that accomplish their goals while reassuring the safety of every participant. This fact is even more emphasized when it comes to high-traffic areas like Manila. Function rooms in Manila for rent like WTCCMM’s are taking effective precautions to reduce the risk of infection. This is all made possible by adopting a stringent approach with collaboration from all key event personnel.

There should be a fine balance between implementing safety guidelines, while also ensuring participants benefit from the event. Continue reading to learn more.

Have A Floor Plan That Observes Social Distancing

Have A Floor Plan That Observes Social Distancing

Event planners must have a floor plan that observes social distancing to avoid the risk of infection.

The floor plan can make or break the success of events in terms of engagement. Therefore, proper social distancing should be observed when planning the seating arrangement. This is the strategic way to promote participant engagement, while still ensuring their safety. In general, there should be a 2-meter distance between the participants at any given time.

Consider Pre-Registration

Registration booths on the event day itself can garner long queues and therefore, compromise the social distancing. As much as possible, consider pre-registration.

Disseminate the pre-registration forms online and allow attendees to pre-register for the event. This has a double benefit because you will have an idea of how many participants there will be on the day of the event, thus helping you enforce physical distancing better.

Manage The Entry Flow of Participants

Manage The Entry Flow of Participants

Typical event scenarios would involve hundreds of people crowding the entrance of the venue. Because this is not practical in the new normal situation, event organizers would do well to manage the entry flow of participants. One-way traffic should be employed through the use of floor markers.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries will jump on the opportunity to amp up their business activity. As soon as venues operate, it is not hard to imagine firms from all kinds of industries setting up booths at events. Social distancing should be accommodated in this scenario.

In general, organizers must also have a limit in allowing participants in the venue to avoid overcrowding. This factor will depend on the venue’s capacity.

Employ A “No Mask, No Entry” Policy

The transmission of COVID-19 occurs through respiratory droplets produced during exhalation. Hence, wearing face masks play an essential part in protecting people from the virus. For holding a safe event effectively, those who don’t have facemasks should get one before being allowed entry to the venue.

Regular Sanitation Of The Venue

Regular Sanitation Of The Venue

One of the most important health protocols when holding events is to regularly sanitize the venue. There is a risk for infection in high-touch surfaces and shared items. To minimize these risks, everything should be sanitized thoroughly. There should be no shortage of hand sanitizers that are accessible as well.

Event heads and personnel should be ready with a supply of sanitizing agents, extra masks, and other protective items in the venue. If this protocol is applied, the safer the event will be.

Stay Updated On The Latest Health Protocols

As for the key event personnel, everyone must be on the same page regarding health and safety protocols.

Most venues are tracking the visitors who enter and exit the premises. There are temperature checking sanitizing stations in place. Some local government units also require the use of face shields.

Aside from discussing the agenda for the event, briefings between the teams should contain updates on the latest health protocols endorsed by public authorities.

Go Cashless

Go Cashless

Going cashless is the new normal. Transactions can now be conducted with ease given the wide availability of financial systems. For events that involve the exchange of goods, this is a health protocol to keep in mind.

For instance, personnel at booths may use digital transactions through the use of credit or debit cards. Participants need only to swipe their cards at terminals to complete the transactions. There are also tap and pay apps that can be done through a smartphone.

Opt For Pre-Packaged Meals

Of course, no event would be complete without food and beverages. In the past, events would typically have buffet services. However, this is no longer a viable option.

As an alternative, opt for pre-packaged meals. Individually wrap the food for safe consumption and ensure proper safety gear is worn during the preparation. Aside from maintaining social distancing, this protocol prevents the contamination of food as well.

Key Takeaway

These are the health protocols to keep in mind when holding events. Planners are tasked to create a successful event with the added responsibility of keeping everyone safe.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your event just because of the several stringent protocols in place. Take a different approach and partner with a reliable venue partner to ensure its success.

At World Trade Center Metro Manila, we stand by the commitment to deliver unparalleled world-class service for clients and guests. The health and safety of everyone remain our top priority and we adopt new standards to mitigate risks in the spread of COVID-19. Protocols for all function rooms in Manila for rent have been employed through the B.E. SAFE Program to restore your confidence in attending physical events at WTCMM.

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