4 Top Event Industry Trends In 2021 To Watch Out For

4 Top Event Industry Trends In 2021 To Watch Out For

Lila Cailles

What are the top event industry trends for 2021?

  1. Hybrid events will remain strong
  2. Focus on adopting health protocols
  3. Consider venue flexibility
  4. Educational and engaging content as a priority

The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns caused drastic disruptions in the events industry. For this reason, planners, organizers, and company owners alike are left wondering about what are the top event industry trends for 2021.

It’s clear that the state of the industry is affected by the ongoing pandemic. While travel restrictions remain in place, experts have sought out new ways to improve this outlook. Welcoming changes such as the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and the popularity of hybrid events have made positive waves for MICE activities. New technologies are constantly being explored to bridge the gaps between a struggling economy and its dependence on a burgeoning events sector.

Ultimately, events are crucial for businesses that want to build customer trust, increase brand awareness, grow networking connections, and generate leads. This year’s trends no doubt offer a more hopeful future for the sector.

Hybrid Events Will Remain Strong

Hybrid Events Will Remain Strong

In an attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus, granulated community quarantines are being imposed by local government units as needed. COVID-19 has forced people to remain at home, with many adopting work-from-home or online class settings. Travel restrictions caused a similar paradigm shift in the events industry. This is the primary reason why the trend of hybrid events will remain strong this 2021 and the following years. Hybrid events combine the best elements of virtual and face-to-face events.

While face-to-face events give far better results, hybrid events are here to stay to enhance audience reach despite restrictions. To complement physical setups, hybrid arrangements offer opportunities for event planners to reduce costs and easily measure event engagement and participation of markets never before tapped. Safety procedures and health protocols must be ensured.

Provided that a well-equipped venue is chosen, hybrid events are likely to stay as a key trend in 2021.

Focus On Adopting Health Protocols

Once physical events are back in place some people may still hesitate to participate face-to-face. One of the best ways to make sure your event remains successful is to give attendees peace of mind.

Focus on adopting health measures. Make sure you roll out advisories about practicing attendee safety throughout the duration of the event. Some safety protocols to take include the following:

  • Practice regular sanitation
  • Conduct temperature checks
  • Have provisions for QR code contact tracing,
  • Set up hand sanitizing stations in multiple areas of the venue
  • Discourage handshakes or physical contact among participants
  • Have floor markers to maintain social distancing
  • Hire monitoring staff to control venue capacity
  • Offer pre-packed meals to avoid crowded buffet lines
  • Set up online registrations to prevent crowding
  • Use acrylic barriers for event booths

A Shift To More Outdoor Events

As the risk for contracting COVID-19 is significantly increased due to indoor airborne transmission, another trend to watch out for is outdoor events.

Outdoor events can accommodate a larger group of event participants. Open-air spaces make it easier for everyone to practice social distancing. Moreover, event planners can strictly set safety guidelines, put up signages, and floor markers to remind participants of social distancing.

Consider Venue Flexibility

Event managers should consider flexibility when it comes to choosing a venue. As the regulations about COVID-19 restrictions continue to change through the year, venue providers must think about how they can accommodate hybrid events and a variety of functions.

Venues may introduce some modifications when it comes to exhibition spaces, conference halls, and function rooms to adapt to organizers’ requirements and comply with safety protocols. While physical events are on standby, this is a great way for other industries to consider the availability of a flexible venue. Industries from automotive, food & beverage, aviation, healthcare or fashion can consider the World Trade Center Metro Manila in showcasing their products and services without compromise. Other considerations may include adopting stringent health protocols and having outdoor venue choices.

Educational and Engaging Content As A Priority

In an age where information is easily accessible for anyone, it comes as no surprise that participants crave educational content in events as well. As the event industry continues to bounce back, you need to define what “valuable content” means for your participants.

Focus on what participants prefer to listen to and talk about. Bring in professional and knowledgeable speakers who can increase engagement and carry informative keynote presentations.

Many participants find in-person interactions engaging. Engagement can be done in the form of live polls, live Q&A, gamified activities, or catchy hashtags that can be posted on social media platforms.

Key Takeaway

The events industry is going through an unprecedented change. So, watch out for these event industry trends in 2021 when you decide to stage your event.

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