Advantages Of Face-To-Face Events Over Virtual Events

Advantages Of Face-To-Face Events Over Virtual Events

Lila Cailles

What are the advantages of face-to-face events over virtual events?

  1. Better audience engagement
  2. Communicates goals and objectives better
  3. Generates return of investment efficiently
  4. Professional and well-equipped room setups

Due to COVID-19, most organizations chose to adapt to the new normal by creating virtual events. With the wide array of online meeting platforms, they focused their efforts on pursuing digital marketing to obtain an enhanced client network. However, it has been proven that the advantages of face-to-face events over virtual events cannot be replicated. Aside from companies facing numerous hurdles in transitioning virtually, many found the benefits of face-to-face events of immeasurable value for organizations that hold them and the people who attend them.

Face-to-face events are crucial in building trust and obtaining loyalty for client relationships. The meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) industry is quick to recognize that this fact applies even during the pandemic. The industry made sure to implement stringent health and safety protocols to keep guests safe.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of face-to-face events, WTCMM has a world-class seminar venue in Manila and other well-equipped function rooms available for booking. We stand by our commitment to deliver unparalleled world-class service for face-to-face events and preserve the cleanliness and safety of venues to help mitigate risks in the spread of COVID-19.

In this article, we further delve into the advantages of face-to-face events over virtual events. Read on to know about how this can benefit your organization.

Better Audience Engagement

Better Audience Engagement

Planners need to organize events that build meaningful relationships and networks between key speakers and attendees which can take immense planning.

Due to increasingly shorter attention spans, one of the biggest obstacles when holding virtual events is that participants are more vulnerable to becoming distracted when concentrating on what is happening on a screen. According to experts, the attention span of humans has shrunk significantly to 8.25 seconds. And as attendees can choose to close their cameras, there is no assurance that they are paying attention at all. To add to that, technical difficulties can occur at any given moment such as freezing or lagging screens and audio issues which can further hamper audience engagement.

The main advantage of holding face-to-face events is to facilitate networking. Every aspect of face-to-face events—may it be seating plans, table layouts, activities, effective audio and visual systems—is designed to encourage audience engagement. These features provide an authentic and effective way for participants to get to know your organization.

Communicate Goals And Objectives Better

Communicate Goals And Objectives Better

Another advantage of face-to-face events is that it is much easier to communicate goals and objectives.

The conversations that flow naturally during face-to-face events are often deemed to be more credible and effective than those done via virtual events. This enables organizational speakers to communicate event goals better.

Take, for example, the importance of conferences like the ASEAN Summit. These live events can be used to discuss important organizational objectives, promote active collaboration, and come up with ideas for international and regional improvements as an example.

Face-to-face events not only allow clearer communication but also demonstrates that you value attendees’ time and participation. They can clarify information and observe your reactions immediately. This is done by reading facial expressions and body language first-hand, which fosters trust when attendees see how words can align with actions. In virtual events, it is easy to misinterpret even minimal actions if you fail to communicate properly over the screen.

As face-to-face events feel more authentic and credible, attendees and potential clients will have a positive lasting impression. This is a key factor that impacts their willingness to put confidence towards your organization or perhaps buy products from your brand — an aspect that cannot be replaced by virtual events.

Generates Return On Investment Efficiently

In online platforms, standing out in the saturated market can be especially difficult. If you are trying to gain new clients from event participants, you can end up marketing your brand along with numerous competitors.

It is no secret that holding face-to-face events can require a chunk of investment and planning. Organizers need to spend money on renting a well-equipped venue, order refreshments, and other necessities for participants. Nonetheless, all these prove to be cost-effective because buying decisions can be influenced through the valuable relationships fostered that are developed onsite.

For example, a food expo can attract customers and generate a return on investment and boost sales through live product taste tests and answering product inquiries instantly. Having a face-to-face event garners quick and valuable feedback as well. Virtual events, on the other hand, can prevent gauging a client’s genuine reaction towards the product.

For companies that hold face-to-face events for employees, participants are empowered through effective training, education, and team-building experiences. They retain more knowledge about the event goals and become more responsive about solutions once clear communication is established.

Professional And Well-Equipped Room Setups

Professional And Well-Equipped Room Setups

For face-to-face events, booking the best venue can be the simplest way to reap all the benefits stated earlier. A well-equipped facility allows face-to-face events to reach their objectives, build valuable partnerships, and the like. Everything from the audio and visual equipment, high-speed internet, to professional room setting come to life in face-to-face events.

In virtual events, not every participant will have the access to proper technological resources. Additionally, there can be technical issues that can occur anytime like app glitches, weak internet connection, and audio problems. When the connection is intermittent, it affects the participants’ entire event experience. They might miss important points or get distracted.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we have outlined the advantages of face-to-face events over virtual events. Despite the necessity of adapting to online platforms during the pandemic, face-to-face events remain the best choice for organizations to create valuable relationships, communicate goals and objectives, and boost lucrative opportunities.

At World Trade Center Metro Manila, we understand that whilst your team may be working from home, you’ll still consider looking for a seminar venue in Manila to reap the benefits of holding face-to-face events. Our world-class function rooms are designed to meet both your event and safety needs. Every room is compliant with health protocols as outlined in our Business Events (B.E.) Safe Program.

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