Factors to Consider in Choosing a Concert Venue in Manila

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Concert Venue in Manila

Lila Cailles

What are the factors to consider when looking for a concert venue in Manila?

  1. Location
  2. Capacity
  3. Sound System
  4. Venue Lighting
  5. Atmosphere
  6. Reliable Partner Suppliers
  7. Customer Service


Concerts nowadays aren’t just about the music — it’s now very important that the event itself can enhance the concert-goer’s experience. In that, the venue you choose for your concert plays a very big role in creating the perfect experience for the attendees. A poorly designed events place center will ruin their mood, while an excellent one will keep them excited, engaged, and happy throughout the concert. But what are the factors to consider in choosing a concert venue in Manila? In this post, we get into the top seven things to look for in a venue before booking it. Read on! 



You’ve probably already considered this factor. But if not, location is an important concern because it decides who can attend your event with ease. If your location is too far away from your target audience, or too inaccessible by public transport systems, then the number of people who will show up will likely be too small. 

Your concert venue in Manila should be easy for the attendees to reach. Furthermore, it should be easy for them to find. Make sure that there is enough information available to your attendees to help them get to the venue!



Next, consider the capacity of the venue. It determines the number of people who can come to your event, and there are legal and safety considerations to take into account. It will be a huge risk to try and bring in more people above the event venue’s capacity.

So before you start selling tickets, make sure that the venue you’re choosing can comfortably accommodate the number of attendees you’re aiming for. 


Sound System

Sound System

No matter how good the performer’s music is, it won’t matter if the sound system in your venue isn’t up to par. A poor sound system can ruin the entire concert experience.

That said, a common misconception with event planners is the bigger the speakers are, the better. This is not usually the case. To make sure you’re getting the right sound system for your concert, you have to look into the quality of the sound equipment they have. 

Look for a clean and crisp sound, and an arrangement that ensures the best music experience for all areas of the venue. 


Venue Lighting

Venue Lighting

Lighting, too, is an important factor in the best concert experience. The right lighting will help create a visual impact for the artists performing on stage and can even enhance the mood of concert-goers during the performance.

Make sure that the concert venue you choose has dynamic lighting features and capabilities. Also, check into their stage lighting desk and operator, and whether they can configure specific light settings based on the event format. This will help you give the concert the extra touch it needs to really capture the audience’s attention. 




The way the concert venue is designed should also be taken into account. Different designs will appeal to different kinds of clientele. So, make sure to check the style and architecture of the venue, and what kind of atmosphere they create. 

If you choose a venue that has a different kind of atmosphere than the one needed for your event, then you’ll have to do extra work to make up for it. For example, you might have to spend more time and money decorating and adding more features to achieve the ambiance and feel you need for your concert. 


Reliable Partner Suppliers

It’s ideal for your chosen concert venue to have access to various partner suppliers. There are many preparations that need to be done when holding a concert from bringing the artist’s equipment to providing the staff with food and drinks. These suppliers can help event organizers and promoters in preparing for the concert.

Partner suppliers of a venue can include freight forwarding services, catering, and even audio-lighting suppliers. This makes the concert venue a one-stop shop not just for renting space, but also for other equipment you may need. 


Customer Service

Lastly, you’ll want to work with a venue that has excellent customer service. You want to work with seasoned professionals that can help you achieve your event goals, and ensure your event run smoothly. This is invaluable and may make or break your event. 


Key Takeaway

There are several factors to consider in choosing a concert venue in Manila. Things like the availability of parking, the ambiance of the venue, and even lighting and sound system capabilities will all impact the success of the concert you’re organizing. 

Your attendees will appreciate the great experience you provide them if you pick the perfect concert venue. So, if you want a venue that checks all the boxes in this list, contact World Trade Center – Metro Manila (WTCMM). We are the best event venue rental in Manila, and can help you make sure your concert is a hit! 

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