5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hybrid Event Venue

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hybrid Event Venue

Lila Cailles

What are the factors to consider when choosing a hybrid event venue?

  1. Location accessibility
  2. Venue capacity
  3. Strong internet connectivity
  4. Audio-visual systems
  5. Implementation of safety protocols

In recent years, the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry has experienced an unprecedented shift. With heavy reliance on digital technologies, it is clear that hybrid events are slated to be the most effective type of event during the new normal. By definition, hybrid events combine the elements of virtual and face-to-face events. Just like any other event type, it’s important to remember that there are several factors to consider when choosing a hybrid event venue. All these are crucial in the entire program’s success or failure.

Under normal circumstances, many event planners struggle to choose the right venue because of the many options available. During a pandemic, this is made even more challenging because planners now have to prioritize the safety of the attendees. This guide outlines all the things you need to know before planning any hybrid event. Read on to learn more.

Location Accessibility

When looking for a hybrid event venue, keep in mind that the location must be easily accessible to your participants. The pandemic has resulted in intercity travel restrictions, which may prevent attendees from arriving at your event venue with ease.

Ensure that your event organizing team is knowledgeable about the current travel restrictions set by the local government. It would be ideal to book an exhibition center in the Metro as this is surrounded by numerous major thoroughfares which are open for city travelers.

In addition, make sure that the traffic situation in that area isn’t congested on the day of the event. Additionally, there is also a need to organize a number of event logistics. Tech systems need to be transported, set up, and tested in advance to ensure their compatibility with the venue and avoid technical difficulties. Hosting your hybrid event in a convenient location makes all of these possible, as it shortens the time it takes to organize equipment and make any necessary modifications.

Venue Capacity

Venue Capacity

Depending on the number of your physical attendees, you will have to consider the venue capacity. It must be able to oblige with the local government’s regulation on social distancing. Everyone must observe at least 1 m (3 feet) social distancing at any given time. For this reason, you might need a venue with a larger capacity to implement this.

If you plan to book a seminar venue in Manila, it would do you well to know that World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) is more than equipped to cater to your venue capacity needs. With 8,300 sqm indoor space and 9,976 sqm outdoor space, the exhibition halls can very well maintain social distancing throughout your hybrid event and ensure that there is enough space for all peripherals, implements, and equipment without obstructing the view of your attendees. Our halls are more than capable of providing a positive experience for your hybrid event’s live component.

Strong Internet Connectivity

If your hybrid event’s internet connectivity is not strong, interrupted streaming sessions can make for a bad experience among your virtual attendees. In worst-case scenarios, they may end up leaving because of unstable network connection.

In the same way, if visual and graphical presentations do not load because of slow WiFi connections, your attendees may lose interest in the event as well. This is why if you’re holding collaborative sessions such as live Q&As, polls, or other activities, a strong internet connection is crucial.

Avoid any complications on the event day by making sure the venue has enough floor boxes for electricity and internet connections. Consider running a speed test before the event. At the very least, there should be 10 Mbp upload and download speeds to provide all attendees a smooth experience. This allows them to document their experiences on social media, communicate with other eventgoers, or simply conduct online activities without any issues.

Audio-Visual Systems

Audio-Visual Systems

Basic audio-visual setups may be acceptable for simple conferences, but it’s an altogether different story for hybrid events. This event type requires professional A/V setups for streaming sessions and a range of other F2F or virtual activities your attendees will engage in.

Each event venue will have different production capabilities. Start by identifying your needs. At the very least, having multiple plugs for accommodating all audio-visual equipment is crucial. Other considerations can include hanging trusses for setting up music systems, suspending large-scale displays, or other lighting capabilities.

Implementation of Safety Protocols

It is normal for participants to have their fair share of doubts about attending live events. To ease their minds, safety protocols against COVID-19 should be prioritized when choosing a venue for your hybrid event. Keep everyone safe by assessing if the venue conducts contact tracing, temperature checks, regular sanitation, social distancing measures, and other necessary health precautions. When everything is in place, ensure to keep your participants informed.

When booking a hybrid event venue in Manila, it would be best to choose one with a Safety Seal Certification. The Safety Seal Certification is awarded by the Department of Tourism in compliance with the DTI-DOH-DOLE-DILG-DOT or IATF to assure the general public that an establishment complies with minimum public health standards.

WTCMM is proud to have been granted the Safety Seal Certification in May 2021, assuring you that any hybrid event done implements the safest way possible without compromising business objectives.

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a hybrid event venue. Event planners need to navigate themselves through the new normal of meetings. The MICE industry is going forward with uncertainty, so it’s crucial to choose a venue partner that will hold your hybrid event safely and seamlessly.

Take the smartest approach and partner with a world-class exhibition and conference venue in Manila — World Trade Center Manila. Click here to inquire about how WTCMM can make your hybrid event possible.

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