4 Features of a Great Convention Center

4 Features of a Great Convention Center

By Lila Cailles

What are the features of a great convention center?

  1. Spacious
  2. Reputable
  3. Highly accessible
  4. Has a wide variety of rooms


When it comes to convention centers, the features alone can define its quality. A convention center should be able to accommodate many different types kinds of events. This is because local and international industries have been turning towards more innovative solutions in order to showcase their products and services.

Nowadays, it’s fairly simple to plan an event at a convention center as long as you’re armed with the proper event planning tips and the right venue. Furthermore, convention centers like the World Trade Center Metro Manila have been constantly adapting to a changing industry landscape in order to cater to more clients and customers.

Possessing key features is essential for a convention center. Continue reading to learn more about them!



The Spacious Halls of the World Trade Center Metro Manila

One of the most important features that a convention center should have is spaciousness. This allows the staging of different kinds of events allowing to maximize the space and layout; where exhibitors can set up trade booths to display their products, services, and other offerings.

Before organizing an event, there are many considerations to consider. You’d want to ensure that the event participants and attendees would have sufficient space to move about. You’d also want to ensure that the venue’s ventilation systems can provide the most comfort for everyone in the venue. Fortunately, this has been made possible by a convention center such as the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

The center’s exhibition hall has been carefully planned and designed by an internationally-renowned architecture firm, Gensler and Associates. The venue measures more than 25,000 square meters of gross area, with 13,560 square meters of indoor space. The vast space have made it possible for the venue to stage large international and local exhibitions and allow varied set-ups such as two-story booths and many other kinds of booths set-ups.



A Car Event at the World Trade Center Metro Manila

Another must-have feature of a convention center is its sound reputation. Though one may imagine that reputation may be difficult to measure, it is as easy as looking into its foreign and local affiliations more than the number of conventions and exhibitions or other events that are held in the venue year after year.

Another measure of reputability is the venue’s experience to house a wide variety of conventions featuring different industries. For example, a center that has been consistently known to hold food expositions also has an advantage when it can diversify towards different industries such as real estate, motoring, construction or even business conferences.

From its opening, World Trade Center Metro Manila has successfully housed several historical successful events.


Highly Accessible

The Entrance of the World Trade Center Metro Manila

A convention center should also be highly accessible. Event participants, guests, and keynote speakers must be able to reach the venue easily either by public or private transportation.

By situating itself close to retail hubs, accommodation spaces, business districts, and international and domestic airports, a convention center allows itself to be more accessible to the general public. The World Trade Center Metro Manila satisfactorily checks out all the elements of this feature. Its strategic location near major establishments and hotels allows guests in the country to enjoy some downtime and relaxation prior to or after an event.

Furthermore, event coordinators would no longer have to stay in inconvenient locations just to get to the venue. They would easily be able to make the necessary preparations by walking just a few kilometers from a nearby hotel.


Has a Wide Variety of Rooms

A YouTube Event at the World Trade Center Metro Manila

A convention center should be able to hold large-scale events. But it should also have the capacity to cater to organizations that may want to hold meetings in smaller scale or in more optimized locations. The availability of a variety of function rooms allows these corporations to better plan out events such as company meetings and company-wide celebrations. Others can also make use of the different function rooms to hold birthday parties, as long as they’re able to properly coordinate with the venue.

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s function rooms are more than sufficient to house large groups of people at any given time. Approximately 600 people can stay in the meeting rooms at a time while still enjoying enough space to properly move around and go about their activities.

Each room is equipped with world-class facilities and services like high-speed internet connection, audio-visual systems, and multi-display projections and dedicated concierge to oversee the events. Special guests and other high-level dignitaries can choose to stay at the well-maintained VIP lounge area.


Key Takeaway

As mentioned before, the features of a convention center can determine if the venue is able to service many kinds of exhibitions belonging to different kinds of industries. Some of the key features you need to look out for in a venue are the available space, reputation, and the availability of other rooms for specialized functions.

The next time you’re tasked with planning an event, it would be to your advantage to consider World Trade Center Metro Manila. Click here to contact us now!

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