Engaging Trade Show Booth Ideas

Engaging Trade Show Booth Ideas

Lila Cailles

How can you make an engaging trade show booth?

  1. Design a Relaxing Atmosphere
  2. Make Your Booth Educational
  3. Enlarge the Display and Decors
  4. Stick to Your Branding
  5. Make Everything Interactive
  6. Try Virtual Reality
  7. Get the SWAG On Point
  8. Conduct a Contest
  9. Allow Attendees to Test Your Product
  10. Incorporate Show-stopping Element

A trade show is an event where you can discuss, demonstrate, and display your latest products and services. It allows you to pitch solutions to your target market’s pain points regardless of the industry where you belong. From creating a relaxing atmosphere to conducting a competitive contest, here are some trade show booth ideas you can incorporate in your space to attract customers and increase engagement rate.

Design a Relaxing Atmosphere

The perfect mix of marketing and sales can be applied to trade show booths by creating a relaxing atmosphere. Make your booth feel like home where trade attendees can lounge in. As they relax, they can check out your products or inquire about your brand. The longer they stay relaxed in your booth, the more opportunity for you to convert them into buyers.

Make Your Booth Educational

Educational Trade Show Booth


Source: Flickr

Plenty of traders and entrepreneurs attend shows to learn about new products or services, as well as other developments in the market. Provide a unique experience for them to keep their interest. When you make every detail informative and interactive, people tend to stay longer. As you educate the market on how the products work, you also pitch to them the brand they were built upon.

Enlarge the Display and Decors

Giant pictures, wide LED TV screens, and enlarged replicas of your product can act as great booth decorations and centerpieces for retail brands. Take Google as an example. When they joined the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018, the company placed a giant gumball machine that gave out prizes. While enlarging your decor can be eye-catching for attendees, take note that the downside is it can be quite expensive.

Stick to Your Branding

Branded Trade Show Booth


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Craft a solid and consistent event brand to impress attendees. Apart from the colors, fonts, and logo, there are other things that can be combined to create an effective event brand. Personality, positioning, and emotion are some of the intangible promises of a brand. These are felt and seen by the market which can attract and convert them into customers.

Make Everything Interactive

Increase engagement and brand recognition by making your booth interactive. For instance, allow the attendees to use a mobile device to discover the products and services you have displayed instead of spoon-feeding the information to them. Often, customers want to experience products by holding it with both hands and examining them. While this is a simple idea, it is highly effective because of its interactive factor.

Try Virtual Reality

A woman wearing a VR headset

Add a virtual reality element to your kiosk to increase foot traffic and engagement rate. Previously, the interactive factor allows customers to examine the product with both hands to get a good feel of it. With VR, you are enabling customers to see the services you offer in action or how the product they plan to buy is used.

Get the SWAG On Point

The common trade show word, “SWAG”, is the acronym for “Stuff We All Get”. Regardless of the industry and the products you offer, it is necessary to give away some tokens for those who will sign up to your newsletter, follow your social media page, or leave their business cards. Pens, notebooks, as well as other useful items for trade shows such as a small hand-held fan can be a major way to increase the engagement rate.

Conduct a Contest

Orange raffle tickets

Make it fun and give big prizes. The key to holding a contest in your booth is to have an encouraging poster, interesting game, and or a prize that will surely make people want to join. Avoid raffles and other games that will require attendees to stay in your booth longer. Instead, conduct quick games like riddles related to your brand. To increase the number of participants, make sure to have it announced during the program, prepare signages and social media postings.

Allow Attendees to Test Your Product

Similar to having an interactive booth and virtual reality, letting attendees experience the product first hand should give them a better feel of it before purchasing. In addition, customers are more inclined to buy a product once they establish an emotional attachment to it due to hands-on experience.

Incorporate Show-stopping Elements

Show-stopping Trade Show Booth


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Either connect with a sponsoring company or display your own show-stopper element. No matter what element you wish to include in your booth, make sure it is related to the products and services you are pitching. Otherwise, attendees may get the wrong impression which can lead to confusion. Conversely, the show-stopper can turn out to be the highlight of the booth instead of supplement decors to increase foot traffic.

Key Takeaway

Secure leads and convert spectators to customers. Combine some of these trade show booth ideas to produce the best display. Trade show events are the perfect venue to pitch your new innovations, products, and services to the consumer market. Go all out with your booth design by budgeting properly. Take note, the 15-second rule applies to trade shows. This means you only have 15 seconds to attract customers. Make sure there is an interesting part of the booth to entice attendees to drop by and have a look.

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