3 Benefits of Joining The WTCMM Business Club

3 Benefits of Joining The WTCMM Business Club

Lila Cailles

What are the benefits of joining the WTCMM Business Club?

  1. Gain Valuable Contacts By Participating in Trade Missions
  2. Access to WTC special member rates and offers
  3. Assistance in Securing Information and Research Materials 


The World Trade Center (WTC) Business Club through the World Trade Centers Association allows you to get connected with the members of almost 300 World Trade Centers worldwide. At the core of the WTCA are its core values of reciprocity and cooperation. Through the WTC Business Club, members can connect to different branch offices worldwide. There are different activities provided by each that a member can take advantage of or benefit from. Through these activities, WTCA can pass its important virtues and core values to all its members from all over the world.  We’ve listed some of the benefits of joining the WTCMM Business Club. This article explores how the club is beneficial to its members through its different activities and services. Keep reading to learn more!


How Can You Join the WTCMM Business Club?

Membership to the WTCMM Business Club is open to different types of businesses. Corporations, small and medium enterprises, professionals, and even single proprietors can apply to become members. They can apply for either an individual or a corporate membership. 

Corporate memberships are allowed to nominate a principal member plus two additional representatives. 

Here are the following requirements to join the WTCMM Business Club: 

  • Accomplished WTCMM Business Club Application Form
  • Company Profile / Brochure that describes principal products and services
  • Copy of DTI Registration or SEC Registration and latest Business Permit
  • Payment of a One-Time Entrance Fee for new members, plus  Annual Membership Dues


Gain Valuable Contacts By Participating in Trade Missions

Gain Valuable Contacts By Participating in Trade Missions

As a member of the WTC Business Club, you are invited to participate in various inbound and outbound trade missions. These are types of business delegations that aim to explore international business opportunities. Trade missions give members a chance to expand their network and contacts on a global scale. 

The global pandemic also launched a virtual format for these trade missions to provide the same comprehensive services to its members on an online platform. This makes it possible to gather professionals from around the globe. 

Aside from the trade missions, the WTCMM Business Club also organizes a forum called Up Close and Personal (UCAP). This is a Networking Forum and Cocktails in the Philippines that feature eminent government personalities that are most relevant at the time of the event. Special guests are invited to discuss relevant issues and programs with an intimate audience. 

This forum gives the chance for members to socialize with one another and have the chance to ask important questions that may affect their businesses. They can gain important contact for their own companies while promoting their own business inside the WTCMM Business Club. 


Access to WTC special member rates and offers

Access to WTC special member rates and offers

The members of the WTC business club also receive special rates for WTCA facilities worldwide. 

When booking exhibition halls and function rooms in any WTC branch, business club members are given access to special member rates for its leasing. This also extended to the business center services. 

If Business Club members are attending events in different WTC branches, they are also offered preferential rates to WTC-member hotels. Information regarding member hotels is provided for members upon request. 


Assistance in Securing Information and Research Materials 

There are also different services and events available only to WTCMM Business Club members. These can help them secure information and research material they may need for their own company. 

WTCA provides Business Club Members with various seminars. In the Philippines, seminars called Marketers of the World (MOW) and Business Broadcast are held. These market briefing seminars educate club members on the latest industry trends and practices. It also provides them with different business opportunities on a global scale. The goal of these seminars is to strengthen trade in the Philippines by focusing on both exports and imports in various industries. 

Members are also given access to the WTC Reciprocity Desk. This gives them exclusive access to a listing of trade missions and programs across WTC Business Clubs. This also gives them different business leads and opportunities across different continents and regions. 

The WTC Reciprocity Desk aims to support the WTCA’s values of reciprocity and direct communication by providing access to direct contact with every WTC branch.

WTCA also provides its members with the Global Trade Helpdesk (GTH). This was developed with the World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the International Trade Centre. 

The GTH allows members of the WTC Business Club to make market research easier by integrating trade and business information on an online platform. It can help them identify and evaluate trade opportunities in their different target markets. Aside from that, it also helps them prepare for the expansion of their own business. Lastly, they can also use the GTH to find partners for various projects whether they need it for financing or development. 


Key Takeaway

This article tackled the important benefits of joining the WTCMM Business Club. WTCA provides its members with various services to help them expand their business to a global scale through different activities and services. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the WTCMM Business Club in the Philippines, contact WTCMM here. We are a premiere events venue in the Philippines for various functions from trade shows to conferences.

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