Event Center | World Trade Center Metro Manila 

Event Center | World Trade Center Metro Manila 

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Designed by the famous Gensler and Associates, whose works include the second phase of the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) speaks of global state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, providing flexibility and freedom in the most complex event design layout such as two-storey exhibition booth set-ups and sprawling designs, and more.

As the Philippines’ first choice event center for different types of events, WTCMM values professionalism and provides world-class services complemented by an exceptional and trained professional team.


About World Trade Center Metro Manila 

About World Trade Center Metro Manila 

Recognized and a member of the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) has been hailed as the first world-class exhibition venue in the Philippines since October 1996. With the exceptional expertise of the staff in delivering efficient service, WTCMM is the top event choice for local, international, and professional events.


What Is An Event Center?

An event center is either a public or privately owned structure for public, sports, private, party, or professional events. World Trade Center Metro Manila has spacious exhibition halls and function rooms with top-notch facilities to host other affairs such as corporate, trade shows, book fairs, and international events.


World Trade Center Metro Manila As An Event Center

World Trade Center Metro Manila As An Event Center

As the Philippines’ top choice for events place, WTCMM has state-of-the-art features to accomodate different types of events.

Spacious Exhibition Halls

With our spacious exhibition halls, the WTCMM rules that different types of events are possible, we can accommodate many people for your event, and we can set up different booths.

Our Halls A-C has a total floor area of 10,810 sqm, while Hall D with 3,000 sqm. floor area already holds the whole exhibit area, which is the best selection for small-scale events. The halls’ ceiling height measures 10 meters allowing easy set up of two-story-high booth designs.

World-Class Function Rooms

Four function rooms are located on the Mezzanine level of WTCMM: Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo, and Joya. All of these vary in size and capacity, but when combined can turn into one main function room for huge conferences, meetings, and seminars. Additionally, there is a business center boardroom for the high-level board, committee meetings, and a VIP lounge for important guests.

WTCMM ensures maximum productivity for different types of events as we recognize the importance of utilities to meet the global standards for event centers.

Easy Ingress and Egress

WTCMM knows that easy ingress and egress are pivotal to meeting and maximizing the impressive sizes of different types of events. Booths and stalls are installed to add success to an event with no delays. The wide entrance gates and ramps can, accept 40-feet containers to be driven into the hall, which helps to reduce staging and transport costs.

The loading bay is spacious enough to accept 8 cargo trucks for loading and unloading at the same time. 

Redundant Power Supply

WTCMM has a redundant power supply, in which the electricity is constantly powered to supply all the halls and function rooms despite power outages. We make sure that all the floor boxes control electricity, communication systems, and internet connectivity for easy access and productivity.

Ample Parking

WTCMM has a vast parking area that can accommodate 335 cars to give the utmost convenience to all the guests. 


What World Trade Center Metro Manila Offers For Events

What World Trade Center Metro Manila Offers For Events

WTCMM provides specific features of exhibition halls and function rooms for different types of events.

Function Rooms

WTCMM has world-class function rooms. Located at the mezzanine level, all rooms are equipped with high-speed internet, and the latest audio-visual system with multi-display projection, meeting the premium quality that all different types of events need.

The meeting rooms can accommodate 600 persons at one time and may be partitioned into four (4) smaller rooms for breakout sessions. 

Exhibition Halls

Design and Set-up Flexibility

WTCMM’s minimalistic design gives it limitless flexibility. It can easily be dressed up, modified, and reconfigured according to an event organizer’s specifications and requirements. Its halls can also be separated into three areas to accommodate event themes.

Contiguous Space at Grade Level

WTCMM has an indoor of 8,300 square meters and outdoor space of 9,976 square meters at grade level for a total of 18,276 sqm. Its floor area was ingeniously designed to cover only the ground level for guests’ better accessibility and view of the entire floor area.

Gated Outdoor Space

WTCMM has 9,976 square meters for outdoor events and set-ups. It is security-friendly and is perfect for security-sensitive events. There are installed CCTV cameras, redundant power and water systems, a fire protection system, and spacious parking.


Events That Were Previously Held At World Trade Center Metro Manila

Events That Were Previously Held At World Trade Center Metro Manila

2020 Pru Life UK Manila & Luzon Kick-Off

The “2020 Pru Life UK Manila & Luzon Kick-Off” was held at WTCMM by one of the country’s biggest insurance companies Pru Life Insurance Corporation. With a total of 8,500 agents from different parts of the country, the company’s renewed sales theme was a success.

It also featured OPM bands such as Spongecola, Rivermaya, and Hale. This showcased WTCMM’s prowess, expertise, and spacious exhibition halls.

2020 Big Bad Wolf Sale

Bookworms’ most anticipated event is the Big Bad Wolf Sale that happened in 2020 at WTCMM. The event was attended by 157,670 avid readers that bought discounted books with up to 90% off the price. The popular book sale occupied three exhibition halls and sold two million books making the WTCMM the top choice for massive book sale events in the Philippines.

2019 Philippine Suppliers and Manufacturers Exhibition

The Aerospace Industries Association of the Philippines is one of the companies that have entrusted WTCMM to host their 2019 PSMEX (Philippine Suppliers and Manufacturers Exhibition).

The trade show targeted merchants, investors, and end consumers. Aviation & aerospace, motorcycle, and electronics manufacturing are also involved in the event.

2019 FCBAI (Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc) Trade Fair 

Around 29,000 bakery groups, chefs, confectionary companies, and food service suppliers in the country attended the country’s largest trade show in bakery and food production, the 2019 FCBAI (Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc) Trade Fair. 

World Gamefowl Expo

A staggering 22,081 game fowl, cockfighters, animal feed companies, and industry enthusiasts occupied the halls in the World Gamefowl Expo which is organized by professional organizer WORLDEXCO.

The event promoted cockfighting in the Philippines to attract more Filipinos to engage in this highly-popular sport.


Book Your Event At The Philippines’ Top Event Center — World Trade Center Metro Manila! 

As the pioneer events venue in the Philippines, the World Trade Center Metro Manila focuses on providing excellent features, functionality, and accessibility that every guest must be given for a professional and outstanding events experience.

With our passionate and professionally trained team, we can give you the quality service you deserve for different types of events. Book your next event with the Philippines’ top event center today by clicking here!

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