Digital Organizer's Kit

Greetings From The World Trade Center Metro Manila!

This digital organizer's kit was put together to provide a convenient and easy reference to WTCMM guidelines, procedures, event-related forms and requirements. Should you wish to clarify any item contained in this kit, please do not hesitate to contact our WTCMM Operations Department. Our team is ready to assist you from planning, preparations and throughout the event duration.

A. WTCMM Event Rules and Guidelines:

1. WTCMM Rules and Regulations


2. WTCMM Rules and Regulations - COVID 19 Safety Protocols


3. Guidelines on Food and Beverage Requirements


4. List of Accredited Service Providers


5. List of Accredited Caterers


6. Checklist for Securing Event Permit from the Mayor's Office - Bazaars and Exhibits


7. Checklist for Securing Event Permit from the Mayor's Office - Special Events and Concerts


B. Standard Forms to Be Submitted at Least Two Weeks Prior to Ingress:

1. Authorized Personnel Form

To be filled up and signed by the authorized personnel. It is a list of representatives authorized to coordinate with WTCMM for requirements and transactions either with fees or without fees.


2. Collateral Installation Permit

To be filled up and signed by organizer, exhibitors or suppliers to be counter signed by any of the authorized representatives included in the Authorized Personnel Form. It is a list of collateral materials that will be installed within WTCMM premises. Hanging of heavy loads is regulated by WTCMM and only 1,000 kilos per truss is allowed at designated rigging points. This form should be submitted together with the design perspective and material specifications for approval by WTCMM.


C. Supplementary Forms:

These are additional forms that the organizers, exhibitors and contractors need to accomplish and submit at least one week prior to ingress or prior to the conduct of a particular service or activity identified by the nature of each forms.

1. Release and Waiver of Claims – Non-Accredited Caterer or Food Providers (Vendors)

Release and Waiver of Claims – Non-Accredited Caterers/Food Providers (Vendors) to be accomplished by Organizer/Event Manager. A duly notarized waiver is required should there be non-accredited caterers or food vendors participating in any event. The use of non-accredited caterers will be subject to the policies stipulated in the Guidelines on Food and Beverage Requirements.

2. Release and Waiver of Claims – Security Services

To be accomplished by Security Agency. A duly notarized waiver is required should the organizer opt to bring in their own Security Agency or employ the services of third-party event security agency/bouncers.

3. Extension (Overtime) Request Form

To be accomplished and duly signed by any Authorized Person for Transactions with Fees identified in the Authorized Personnel Form should there be a need to extend hours beyond what is stipulated in the contract.

4. Heavy Equipment Entry Permit

To be accomplished by the organizer, exhibitor, supplier or the official freight forwarder/mover for entry of equipment weighing more than four (4) tons, subject to approval of WTCMM. It should be noted that Halls A-C floor load capacity is 250 lbs./sq. ft.

5. Fire Alarm or Sprinkler System Impairment

To be accomplished by Supplier/Organizer. This should be submitted should an event require the use of smoke machine or special effects that would emit smoke. Submission of this form does not grant automatic approval to use such effects. Prior coordination and approval by our Safety Officer and Security.

D. Form To Be Submitted Post-Event:

1. Service Questionnaire

To be accomplished by the Authorized Representative. Feedback, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated to enable us to serve our clients better in succeeding events.

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