Why World Trade Center Is The Top of Mind Exhibition Center

Why World Trade Center Is The Top of Mind Exhibition Center


Why is the World Trade Center Metro Manila the top of mind exhibition center?

  1. Ready To Safely Reopen Again
  2. Top-choice Venue For Foreign Investors
  3. Internationally Accredited
  4. Comprehensive Exhibition Services


Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all industry sectors of world economies, other countries have slowly reopened their borders and industries. In the Philippines, this particularly refers to the MICE sector. The World Trade Center Metro Manila exhibition center has gradually started implementing a slew of health measures and other directives aimed at bolstering the status of the country’s events industry.

WTCMM aims to follow in the footsteps of other major world economies such as Thailand and Singapore who have since been able to hold numerous events and shows in a safer and more feasible manner.

Singapore, in particular, has released its own version of an event industry resilience roadmap. This framework comprehensively outlines the measures they need to take in order to safely hold events in a COVID-19 world. In fact, a travel event trade show, TravelRevive, has been planned to grace the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in November. This marks one of the first motions towards staging a safe live event with all the necessary health and safety protocols in place.

On the other hand, Thailand has collaborated with the Thai Exhibition Association (TEA) to define the new standards of holding exhibition events in a COVID-19-struck world. Like Singapore, these changes will deliver a positive impact to businesses, organizations, organizers, and other players in the events industry who experienced dire financial losses during the pandemic.

This is what WTCMM aims to achieve. After spending more than half a year dedicating their exhibition halls and events spaces to become a successful COVID-19 temporary isolation facility, the exhibition center is now ready to welcome back foreign investors. They’re ready to become the country’s premier exhibition center once more.


Ready To Safely Reopen Again

WTCMM Being Disinfected After Being A COVID-19 Facility

The driving force behind WTCMM’s economic recovery roadmap is their B.E. SAFE Program (Business Events Safe Program). This document presents a general outline of the many health and safety protocols that the events space is ready to undertake in order to entice foreign investors and a wide range of international & local exhibitions. Here’s a bit of information on how that would be made possible:

  • Prior to entry to the exhibition spaces, each participant and attendee will have their body temperature scanned. They would also be required to submit a health clearance form, which signifies that they’re in good health.
  • Since the events space will be operating at a limited capacity, it also follows that unofficial visits will be limited. This encourages participants to clearly define their audience capacity.
  • Social distancing will be observed throughout the event proper, with efficient monitoring and safety protocols enforced in a consistent manner by WTCMM personnel.
  • WTCMM will also adopt a rigorous contact tracing mechanism for everyone participating in the event. This is in line with the government regulations and standards regarding COVID-19 data collection.
  • In case of an emergency, WTCMM has set up several isolation booths and facilities on-site. A dedicated medical response team will always be present to handle and address all health-related concerns.
  • All open and closed-air spaces in WTCMM will be completely sanitized before and after the event to ensure safety.

WTCMM is truly committed to providing world-class exhibition services without sacrificing the safety of its patrons. Click here to learn more about the B.E. SAFE Program.


Top Venue For Foreign Investors

A banquet with foreign investors

WTCMM has long been deemed the preferred exhibition venue and events space for international events. Events such as the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, History Con Philippines, World Food Expo (WOFEX), International Food Expo (IFEX), Philippine World Building and Construction Expo (WORLDBEX), Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX), and many other programs have consistently chosen WTCMM.

For WORLDBEX 2018, the event saw a 25% increase in the number of international exhibitors that were able to showcase a variety of construction equipment and a wide array of other industrial materials. Many exhibitors were from countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and India, alongside other local exhibitors.

Other popular events such as the WOFEX had many companies from international brands exhibiting a wide array of food products which attracted droves of visitors, both local and international, during the 4-day event. There were many exhibitors from East and South East Asia, as well as multinational companies from other countries that were showcasing global brands like Arla, Irish Food Board, Lamb Weston, and the like.


Internationally Accredited

The WTCMM As An Internationally Accredited Event Space

WTCMM doesn’t fall short on its international ties. This larger-than-life exhibition center located at the heart of Pasay City is affiliated with the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) that is headquartered in New York, USA.

WTCMM is actually the Philippines’ first exhibition center that has successfully been the recipient of the coveted ISO 9001 certification in 2008 and 2015. This is an important distinction because ISO 9001 sets the international standards for a quality management system or QMS. This means that WTCMM has never failed to provide its customers with top-notch services.

Having been awarded this certificate for the Management and Operation of Exhibition Facilities, this makes WTCMM the maiden recipient of recognition from the France-based Global Association of the Exhibition Industry — an unparalleled feat.


Comprehensive Exhibition Services

Exhibition Center With Motorcycles

Although a great honor, it did not come as a surprise for WTCMM, since it has been consistently providing great exhibition spaces and events-related services that no other trade center is able to do. It has constantly been able to transform its physical events spaces to accommodate virtually any kind of event imaginable — be it a concert, auto show, food exposition, music festival, trade show, or even an aerospace exhibit.

WTCMM is involved in much of the setup process for the exhibitors. The main exhibition halls can easily be transformed and customized to meet the requirements of the events organizer. Likewise, exhibitors and organizers will be able to take advantage of a staggering 11,300 sqm of unobstructed and continuous exhibition space that’s designed to improve visibility and optimize the experience for attendees and participants alike.


Key Takeaway

World Trade Center Metro Manila’s exhibition center has long been the home of large-scale events aimed at boosting revenue as well as trade and investment for the Philippine economy. Many homegrown events have attracted international organizations and major global brands that have been able to experience for themselves the exceptional services and venue spaces provided by WTCMM.

In recent months, however, the events sector has been hard-hit by the economic consequences resulting from pandemic lockdowns. Despite this, other countries like Singapore and Thailand have been resilient in the face of the COVID-19 virus. They are currently in the motions of planning safe events at their own exhibition centers as well.

Taking inspiration from these feats, it is WTCMM’s aspiration to once again become the bastion of the Philippine events industry. With the introduction of the B.E. SAFE economic resilience roadmap and the inauguration of many changes to the way it will hold and organize events in the future, this objective is definitely possible.

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