WTCMM’s Markets of the World: Empowering Businesses Through Digital Technology

WTCMM’s Markets of the World: Empowering Businesses Through Digital Technology

How did Markets of the World empower businesses?

  1. Making financial services accessible
  2. Introducing opportunities in digital payment
  3. Leveraging innovations in digital technology


On December 11, 2020, the World Trade Center Metro Manila held its 1st online edition of its 11th Markets of the World (MOW) program entitled “Empowering Business Through Digital Technology”. This 1-hour and 15-minute webinar provided top industry pundits in business, entrepreneurs, executives, and other member companies with the tools needed to continue their businesses with all the challenges during this pandemic.

As you may already be aware, COVID-19 has caused several disruptions in the economy. Most businesses were the hardest hit with the challenges of adapting to situations. One of the most important was the disruption of distribution. The lack of confidence from clients or customers who are skeptical in receiving or ordering products during this time has significantly affected the cash flows of businesses all around the world.

What you see before your eyes is a complex network of financial activities that are struggling to return to normal. Domestic and international economies were derailed, leading to financial institutions and services to function poorly.

But in the age of digital technology, 2020 has seen many enterprises — big and small — eventually adapting to the crisis. This has been made possible through leveraging the financial services that were made available.

In WTCMM’s 11th series of the Markets of the World, we discovered how economic and capital recovery have been made possible through the advancements and opportunities in the world of digital technology. Continue reading to learn more.

Making Modern Financial Services Available

Making Modern Financial Services Available

Not all businesses have been able to take advantage of modern financial tools and services. This may be one of the reasons why some businesses failed during the pandemic, while others were able to cope.

For the World Trade Center Metro Manila, it’s important that everyone involved in trade and business is aware of available financial services, more importantly, digital payments. As simple as the concept may sound, not everyone in the industry really understands how to take advantage of them.

With this fact, WTCMM’s Markets of the World webinar emphasized the importance of digital payments and how to fully capitalize on their capabilities. These are the modern tools that have definitively transformed the financial landscape in the country. By becoming a viable and secure method of payment and transaction, digital payments completely revolutionized convenience in finance.

WTCMM’s President and CEO Ms. Pamela D. Pascale gave the opening remarks to start off the event with insights on how Markets of the World aims to provide assistance to the audience. Following was a discussion on the status of financial inclusivity which is the goal being promoted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP). Speaking on their behalf was Mr. Melchor T. Plabasan, Director of the Technology Risk and Innovation Supervision of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP).

The webinar also presented many learning opportunities for participants to take advantage of innovative digital means in the field of business. Tackling this topic is Mr. Sean Patrick Y. Si, CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker who gave the trade secret by being top in any search engines. He was followed by Ms. Leah Arellano, PayMaya Philippines’ Head of Merchant Enablement and Analytics, who elaborated on how Digital Payments and Cashless Transaction Solutions may be to anyone’s advantage.

Guests coming from government agencies, trade groups, and other business owners learned how they can maintain a foothold in this digital transition. The lessons that were taught in this webinar will certainly become valuable in increasing digital collaboration and improving products and services not only for certain clients but also for the consumers as well.

Introducing Opportunities in Digital Payment
Introducing Opportunities in Digital Payment

One of the ways businesses have adapted during the pandemic is by making their products more available to consumers. There was a huge focus on eCommerce and online shopping, especially in the earlier stages of the virus when people weren’t allowed to physically travel.

Taking center stage in eCommerce and online trade are digital payment gateways like PayMaya that are constantly working on making their services secure, reliable, and fast, for various clients and industries.

As mentioned during MOW discussions, it’s hoped that the status of digital payments in the country will set the tone and standard for future digital payment services.

By featuring guests from big-name digital payment brands in the webinar, participants caught a glimpse of how financial accessibility has transcended the urban landscape in order to serve other far-flung and remote locations.

The result? A far-reaching and influential digital payment service solution that promotes economic growth and presents many opportunities for tourism, commerce, and other industry sectors.


Leveraging Innovations in Digital Technology

Leveraging Innovations in Digital Technology

One of the primary goals of World Trade Center Metro Manila’s MOW XI was to equip the audience with the tools necessary in order for them to be able to leverage the many innovations that have taken place in the realm of digital technology.

As many well-known conglomerates and multinational companies move towards another facet of providing services, so too will aspiring business owners. Markets of the World encouraged the participants to take inspiration from companies from other industries — how they have scaled their business in order to accommodate the changes brought about by the digital revolution.

SEO Hacker CEO Sean Patrick Y. Si in particular talked about how crucial it is for businesses to focus on their digital marketing strategies and efforts. Now, more than ever, they need to maintain a foothold in their industry. This is done by taking advantage of the search engine tools available to them such as Google, and implementing strategies that will boost rankings, generate more site traffic, and convert leads to sales.

As you may know, the MICE sector was one of the most badly-hit industries. Knowing this, several changes had to be made with the way things were done.

The webinar reigned in different sectors and featured participants from the WTCMM Business Club, business executives, representatives from SMEs, trade groups, and important government officials. The rich sharing of ideas and many opportunities for networking that took place can definitely become a starting point for future innovations.


Key Takeaway

WTCMM’s Markets of the World has just finished its latest webinar: Empowering Business Through Digital Technology.

What this program did is to make sure that corporations, owners of SMEs, government organizations, top government officials, trade companies, and other groups, have all the latest knowledge and services that today’s modern digital technology has to offer. This is done through featuring current trends in the industry, taking inspiration from existing practices, and creating financial growth opportunities wherever present.

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