Tips For Marketing Face-To-Face Events During COVID-19

Tips For Marketing Face-To-Face Events During COVID-19

Lila Cailles

What are the tips for marketing face-to-face events during COVID-19?

  1. Use online platforms to your advantage
  2. Ease your audience’s minds by highlighting on-site safety protocols
  3. Know your target participants
  4. Have event incentives


Despite other organizations halting their overall operations, there are some that continue to recognize the lucrative opportunities that face-to-face events offer. As strict quarantine restrictions began to be lifted and efforts to stage live were being done, key players in the sector began rolling out health protocol roadmaps that also feature tips for marketing face-to-face events during COVID-19.

Hosting events can be challenging and this fact is further emphasized given the ongoing pandemic situation. Indeed, it will take immense planning in order for the meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions (MICE) industry to recover again.

Due to various limitations including prohibiting mass gatherings to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, organizations have opted to host virtual events in the past. But, now that the landscape is shifting, face-to-face events are being considered.

During this time of uncertainty, organizations are looking to cut through their crippled sales. And it is well-known that when it comes to acquiring major leads and securing business deals, there is no substitute for the value that face-to-face events provide.

This guide will outline the best tips for marketing face-to-face events during COVID-19. Fortunately, all can be made possible by establishing cooperation and collaboration with all key event players. Continue reading to learn more.

Maximize The Use Of Online Platforms To Your Advantage

Maximize The Use Of Online Platforms To Your Advantage

Thanks to the continuous developments in technology, marketing has never been easier, even under the pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated the digital marketing capabilities of organizations.

People are working remotely and spending most of their time at home. Naturally, this led to an increase in social media use, email marketing, and ad promotions among potential clients. Months before the event day, use online platforms to your advantage by rolling out information about your event on social media.

It is important to note that social media users tend to have a low attention span. They can easily skip through your event if they don’t find it interesting. Ensure you come up with engaging event promotions such as infographics or short content texts.

Ease Your Audience’s Minds By Highlighting On-Site Safety Protocols

Ease Your Audience’s Minds By Highlighting On-Site Safety Protocols

Remember that when it comes to marketing face-to-face events during COVID-19, your goal is to encourage potential participants to attend your event. You don’t have to state medical information and treatment. Chances are, if people want to know about health facts, they would seek information from certified medical authorities. Instead, focus on easing your audience’s minds.

You will carry the burden of creatively communicating to your participants regarding your event while making sure it is perceived as safe, fruitful, and worthwhile. Despite the goal of gaining many participants, the safety and well-being of the public should remain in the best interests of event planners.

Make content about what health protocols are being implemented during the event and communicate how you are working to minimize health risks. This can be about social distancing, the mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields, hand sanitizing, consistent sanitation, contact-tracing, and temperature checking.

You can even take inspiration from World Trade Center Metro Manila’s B.E. (Business Events) S.A.F.E. Program. This primer outlines how their events place can ensure the safety of their guests.

In the end, participants will feel that you care about their wellbeing and can put your event in a good light.

Know Your Target Participants

Know Your Target Participants

Marketing face-to-face events can quickly become lost in translation given the density of social media gimmicks around. While it can be tempting to just copy everything they do, event planners must rethink who they’re marketing for.

To come up with engaging marketing, the focus should predominantly be on the target participants. For example, when it comes to holding a food expo, your event might appeal to target participants that include food among their interests. They can be aspiring cooks, chefs, and even food entrepreneurs. Your marketing could then focus on this. Create an experience for your target audience.

Have Event Incentives

Have Event Incentives

At the end of the day, your participants will only look at the benefits they gain from your event. Aside from the knowledge they gain, they would want other incentives. Remember that marketing is as much about pre-event efforts as it is post-event.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, it would be best to steer away from tangible incentives that are handed on-site. Try offering digital incentives. For example, if you hold a product launch event, provide participants discounts on shopping from your online website.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to the tips for marketing face-to-face events during COVID-19, there are definitely many things to keep track of. As an event planner, you have to gain participants while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Take a different approach and use the current challenges as an opportunity. In the end, you can come up with an innovative and effective marketing strategy that generates an engaging level of participation from your attendees.

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