4 Key Features of a Successful Conference

4 Key Features of a Successful Conference

By Lila Cailles

What are the features of a successful conference?

  1. Interactive activities
  2. Suitable venue
  3. No major technical issues
  4. Good food


When it comes to organizing events, you should always ensure that you’ve meticulously planned for it. One such event you’d want to have enough preparation for is a conference. Knowing the features of a successful conference can make or break your plans for an event well-received by attendees.

There are typically different types of conferences depending on scope and subject matters. If you’re worried about making the wrong move when organizing a conference, you might want to keep reading to learn more about organizing a successful one.


Interactive Activities

Networking at a conference

One of the many key features of a well-executed conference is the presence of interactive activities. You’d want your event to set itself apart from all the rest. With the increased level of interaction, you’re making sure that all the guests, speakers, and participants are still engaged. Especially if the event is expected to last for a couple of hours.

Participants may have different expectations when it comes to how a particular conference should turn out. They may think it should have talks, open forum discussions, and the like. One thing that participants will agree on, however, is that the conference should have an element of novelty or freshness about it. Not everyone has the same attention span, which is why livening things up is important to keeping everyone interested.

You can do this by scheduling the talks and discussions at the event well, making sure people are getting adequate breaks in between. On the other hand, you may also change the format of some presentations into more engaging ones. One where people can participate in – whether it is in the form of games or trivia sessions.


Suitable Venue

A conference in a large venue

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to organize a proper conference without first thinking about a suitable venue to hold it. You have to ensure that the venue is able to accommodate the number of your expected guests. Aside from this, you’d want your venue to be situated in an accessible location that anyone could easily reach.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far in coming up with the perfect venue for your conferences. The World Trade Center Metro Manila can easily cater to your conference needs. One of the most distinguishing features about the WTCMM is that it has been specifically designed to give any event a high level of flexibility.

It can be reconfigured and modified depending on the preferences and specifications of the organizer. This has been made possible through its vast unobstructed exhibition space, allowing conference participants to view the area in its entirety. Featuring a great acoustics system and soundproof walls, you can ensure that your conference will be smooth-sailing and free from any kind of external distractions.


No Major Technical Issues

A microphone and the sound panel at a conference

Traditional conferences have relied on more antiquated methods with regard to presentation of information. For example, some conferences may have relied solely on the speaker’s skills and charisma. On the other hand, more modern conferences have begun relying on technology to come up with ingenious and creative ways of presenting information to the public.

As such, another feature of a successful conference is the absence of major technical glitches such as non-functioning mics, broken lighting, power outages, or audio-visual problems. If you want to organize a seamless event, a simple way for you to avoid any kind of technical issue is by making sure all the equipment you’ll be using for the event is in good working order. Make sure that you have devoted ample time before the event setting up and organizing your peripherals such as mics, speakers, lighting, or audiovisual projections.

However, technical issues may be inevitable. In such a case, you have to ensure that you’ll be able to remediate the problem in no-time. You should also ensure that you won’t be consuming up much of the speaker’s and guests’ time when fixing the problem.


Good Food

A buffet at a conference

Last but not the least, you’d also want to take into consideration the quality of food that you serve at the conference. After all, you would want to be able to provide your attendees with ample refreshment after everything has been said and done. They’ve spent countless hours listening to different discussions and talks. Luckily for you, making use of the World Trade Center Metro Manila’s professional catering service can easily provide your conference guests with high-quality and delectable food.

Simply inquire with WTCMM for the various catering services they offer to ensure your guests will be delighted by the food served in your conference.


Key Takeaway

Before you begin planning, you have to inform yourself about the many key features of a successful conference. Ranging from the kind of activities your participants will be engaging in, to the quality of catering service that’s hired by your venue, all of these considerations are marking points for how well your event plays out on the big day.

When it comes to organizing events, you also have to make sure that you devote sufficient preparation in all levels of planning. Couple this with excellent services provided by the World Trade Center Metro Manila, and you’ll never organize a disastrous event in your lifetime.

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