Organize More Efficient Meetings Through Function Rooms

Organize More Efficient Meetings Through Function Rooms

By Lila Cailles

How do function rooms help in organizing more efficient meetings?

  1. Equipped with high-speed internet
  2. High capacity
  3. Availability of multi-display projection
  4. Professional room setups


When it comes to company meetings, businesses usually prefer to hold them at their in-house conference rooms. While there’s nothing wrong with doing this, the tendency with company conference rooms is that they might be lacking in facilities. In this kind of situation, it might be difficult for the participants to focus on the task at hand. As such, if you’re ever considering holding a company meeting, it would be in your best interest to consider the benefits of function rooms.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide to find a convention center that houses different types of function rooms for your company’s needs. World Trade Center Metro Manila has a wide variety of function rooms in different sizes, environments, and seating capacities. Furnished with comfortable seats and ambient scenes, you can see to it that these rooms will greatly help in achieving the highest level of productivity during your company meeting. Continue reading to learn more about why you should organize your meetings in these types of spaces.


Equipped With High-speed Internet

An online company meeting with fast internet

Companies hold meetings for many different reasons. They might need to introduce a new company-wide initiative or those belonging in the upper-level management chain might have something to discuss. One of the many distinguishing features about the function rooms of the World Trade Center Metro Manila is that each of them is equipped with high-speed internet.

With a dedicated, stable and reliable internet connection, employees would be able to easily contact other company offices that might be located outside of the country. They would be able to conduct pristine-image conference calls with virtually zero connection interruptions. This would reduce time consumption and further increase the productivity of your company meeting. Furthermore, these businesses would also be able to gain access to online information without difficulty with a stable internet connection service.


High Capacity

Hidalgo Function Room at the WTCMM

The World Trade Center Metro Manila’s function rooms can also house as many as 600 people in a single room. The best thing about this is that the function rooms can later be broken into four smaller rooms when the need for breakout sessions arises.

The high seating capacity enables many members of a company to join in an important meeting session. The benefit of this is that they would no longer have to rely on post-meeting minutes in the event that they could not be accommodated because of the small space.

For example, companies can be subdivided into many teams. If they choose to hold meetings in their own buildings, they run the risk of leaving out important parties who might want to hear about new company information. A high seating capacity venue prevents this issue from taking place. The adequate seating capacity also ensures that everyone inside the function room is sitting comfortably, especially if the meeting duration is quite long.


Presence of Multi-display Projections

Amorsolo Theater with a projector at the WTCMM

Visuals are essential in effectively relaying information during company meetings. Though most companies don’t go beyond the traditional setup of a single computer and a projector, this situation does not fully maximize the meeting’s overall level of productivity. If you make the decision to hold your business meetings in one of the World Trade Center Metro Manila’s many function rooms, you’ll be able to make use of high-tech multi-display projections.

Featuring high-definition images and ease of use, the built-in projectors allow you to better present information in the form of interactive and eye-popping graphs, charts, data tables, and the like. For example, a company planning to discuss their financial outcomes, targets, and goals for the year would need graphs to better illustrate their point. The innovative multi-display functions available in the meeting rooms can make all of these activities possible.


Professional Room Setups

Luna, Hidalgo, Amorsolo Function Rooms at the WTCMM

Last but not the least, a reason why function rooms make meetings more efficient is because of their professional setup.

It’s important for a meeting room to be able to set the tone of the entire session. This quality can be influenced by a variety of other factors. For example, a well-furnished function room containing muted colors can elicit a general feeling of focus and calmness among the participants. The absence of distractions such as unnecessary noises due to the good soundproofing installation also enables the participants to focus better.

Other elements of a fully-furnished function room include spacious desks and ergonomic room arrangements that have been carefully designed for the ease of everyone in the room. Employees would also be able to walk around and interact with their colleagues without difficulty. Adequate room lighting also contributes to increasing the efficiency of the entire meeting.


Key Takeaway

Any company meeting would be more productive if you take advantage of the benefits of function rooms. Fortunately, the World Trade Center Metro Manila’s high-end and state-of-the-art function rooms have been designed for multi-purpose use, ensuring different kinds of needs are met.

The next time you’re thinking about the perfect venue to hold your business meeting, ensure that they contain accessible amenities, high-quality display projections, good furnishings, and are professionally designed.

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