6 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Your Event

6 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Your Event

How to maximize social media in promoting events?

  1. Choose your social networks wisely
  2. Strategize your hashtags
  3. Create your content carefully
  4. Document everything professionally
  5. Supplement organic posts with paid ads
  6. Upgrade your social profiles

This is truly the age of social media. There are millions of applications, websites, and other platforms for people to promote their events these days. The challenge for brands is to go beyond brand awareness. The concept of branding should include embedding an emotional connection with customers.

Measurable social media branding strategies for events, workshops, festivals, fairs, or expos can enhance brand personality and help convert more online customers. If that has you wondering about effective social media event promotion, take a look at these ways to maximize your current online platform.

Choose Your Social Networks Wisely

Plenty of businesses today use a multitude of social media platforms with high hopes of reaching a larger audience. Often, this generates little to no results at all. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer unique sets of benefits and types of users. In reality, engaging the audience with the same approach all throughout multiple platforms will not necessarily generate positive results.

Choose the most suitable social media platform depending on your industry, niche, and target audience. For instance, share event updates, create event pages and engage with followers through Facebook. If you plan on working more on B2B networking, then LinkedIn may be your best bet. Do research on your audience and learn which type of social media they constantly use. With this, you will know which social media platform to start investing in.

Strategize Your Hashtags

Employees planning hashtag strategy

Hashtags play a huge part in social media content. They help the audience quickly find content on the same topic or any event advertised through it. During an event, guests can use hashtags to join contests. In doing so, it increases awareness for the event.

Your key message reflects your brand personality and marketing goals. There are three inspirations to generate the best and appropriate hashtag: trendy expressions, your branding image, and the purpose of the event. With this, the hashtag remains trendy and at the same time maintains brand consistency. This makes it easily searchable online.

Create Your Content Carefully

A gentle reminder: anything posted online is going into an endless record. Meaning to say, your post will remain online even after deleting it. People on social media nowadays are quick to find errors. Avoid drawing negative attention by taking extra precautions when creating content.

Apart from that, engagement with your marketing posts determines how many potential audience members see them. With that, it is necessary to make every post count. Each content needs to be tailored for each social networking site. If possible, apply the pseudo-language used on the particular platform. In addition to that, images should be incorporated into the posts to ensure more engagement and improve visuals.

Document Everything Professionally

Camera gear on a table

Photography and videography are the most common forms of event documentation. For every event that you hold, there should always be staff or skilled professionals documenting the event to gain an adequate pool of photos and videos. These photos and videos can be used as collaterals for marketing purposes.

In addition to that, it provides a myriad of possible future uses. Regardless of whether you employ professional photography services or partner up with a videography business, the important matter is that the event remains documented.

Supplement Organic Posts with Paid Ads

On average, only 2-6% of your Facebook followers will see posts you make on your event page. That means supplementing organic posts with paid social ads is necessary to increase awareness and appearance on your followers’ feeds. An eye-catching image or video ad can go a long way towards maximizing your social media for your event.

Moreover, use moving pictures and engaging posts. Encourage your audience to respond to it. Teasers also work wonders. Make sure to post every day at least a week ahead of the event. If your budget allows for it, choose the paid ad option for every teaser content you post.

Upgrade Your Social Profiles

A young woman holding her phone with social media likes graphics

While you have photographers and videographers filming the entire event, make sure you have a social media team updating your online profile. As the event is transpiring, perform live updates in the form of stories to entice viewers. With this, you give viewers an idea of how you hold events that can tremendously help in converting them into customers. Updating social profiles is a critical task. It can make or break the event. To avoid the pitfalls of live updating, make sure to give the job to a person with experience.

Key Takeaway

Regardless of the nature of your business, maximize social media event promotion
when hosting an event or expo. In today’s world, social media remains one of the most efficient ways to reach out to your customers and gain the attention of the potential markets. Social media enables a business to obtain online exposure, traffic, and gain customer insights.

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