WTCMM Marketing

Thank you for choosing the World Trade Center Metro Manila as your preferred venue for your event.

Attached is the WTCMM Brochure for more detailed information of the facilities. Should you decide to pursue your application, it is important to read the Terms and Conditions of Hire and formalize it by accomplishing the attached Application Form for Rental of the Halls and Function Rooms.

The Application Form will be our reference to evaluate your requirement and create a special package based on the details you have provided. Proposal shall be sent immediately for your review and acceptance. While some terms and conditions may be specified in the proposal, we strongly encourage reading the complete version of the Terms and Conditions of Hire as this shall form part of the contract. This should also be signed by the authorized representative. For any clarification and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our WTCMM Marketing Department at 8-982-0000 extensions 201, 211 or 212. We would be pleased to walk you through with the other details of the halls and function rooms anytime at your convenience.

Downloadable Forms

A. WTCMM Brochure

1. About WTCMM

2. Technical Specifications and capacity guide of the Halls & Function Rooms

B. Application Form for Rental of the Halls and Function Rooms:

1. All fields should be properly filled out. All information is important to us in evaluating the acceptance of your Application for Rental considering your preferred dates and nature of the event.

2. This should be signed by the duly authorized representative of the contracting company. Application Form should be submitted together with the following documents:

  1. Company profile

  2. Project brief of the event

  3. Copy of the Business permit/registration, BIR 2303

  4. Corporate Secretary’s Certificate authoring the company representative

3. Upon review and approval of the Application Form and receipt of the signed contract or conforme by the organizer, the Hirer’s Copy duly signed and approved by the Chairman and CEO of Manila Exposition Complex, Inc (MEC) shall be provided.

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