WTCMM Business Club

Greetings from the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) Business Club!

World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) is a Premier Certified Member of the World Trade Centers Association

(WTCA) headquartered in New York, USA. As such, it belongs to a network of over 300 WTCs in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Reciprocity and cooperation are the fundamental tenets of the WTCA, of which WTCMM is actively engaged through its WTCMM Business Club. Through this association, each WTC becomes a branch office of all the others. This unique concept of reciprocity is passed on to all Business Club members around the world, making membership in any center an entry to the international business community.

To enhance the services for its members, the WTCMM Business Club links and develops cooperation with relevant business organizations and agencies here and abroad that similarly offer trade promotion opportunities. A Business Club member not only receives benefits and privileges locally, but also gains reciprocal benefits offered by a worldwide network. More importantly and in pursuit of the promotion of global trade, Business Club members get to participate in trade missions to foreign markets, as well as in business matching opportunities with inbound missions to generate leads and gain valuable business contacts. WTCMM, through the Business Club, is actively engaged and successfully conduct trade educational programs, business forums, networking and lifestyle events.

Attached for your ready reference is the downloadable Membership Form and WTCMM Business Club Brochure to know more about the benefits and events. We would be glad to schedule a meeting to present and discuss WTCMM Business Club offerings. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our esteemed members.

Downloadable Forms

1. Word Trade Center Metro Manila Business Club Brochure

2. WTCMM Business Club Membership Application Form

  1. Duly accomplished WBC Application Form

  2. Company Profile or Brochure describing principal products and/or services

  3. Copy of DTI Registration or SEC Registration and latest Business Permit

  4. Payment of One-Time Entrance Fee for new members, plus Annual Membership Dues

*For Corporate Memberships, a Company is entitled to nominate a principal member and 2 additional representatives.

3. WTCMM Business Club Membership Renewal Form

  1. Duly accomplished WBC Application Form

  2. Payment of Annual Membership Dues

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