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WTCMM Holds Trade Forums on Halal Economy and the Design Industry

By Lila Cailles

WTCMM Holds Trade Forums on Halal Economy and the Design Industry

Last October 23, 2019 World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) organized the ninth “Markets of the World” (MOW) forum featuring the Halal economy (Halal means permissible in Islam).

MOW IX was attended by delegates representing varied industries, from manufacturing of food and food ingredients, to hotels and government agencies, especially in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. The forum provided an interesting convergence of professionals absorbing a wealth of information on the Halal market. Among the topics discussed included how Halal economy became one of the fastest growing consumer segment in the world covering more than food but as well as food-related products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, toiletries, medical devices, logistics, marketing, print and electronic media, packaging, branding, financing, and even lifestyle offerings such as travel, hospitality services and modest fashion. Attendees were also guided by the speakers on the process and requirements in obtaining Halal certification.

The tenth “Markets of the World” (MOW X), held last December 17, 2019, featured the Design Industry, one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy with a powerful transformative force for socioeconomic development.
The Forum, attended by delegates representing industries of food, abaca fiber, event organizing, advertising, civil and architectural works, logistics, eco-tourism wellness farm, and destination management, provided an exciting discussion regarding the different facets of design, dealing with the interface between economy, culture, technology, and social aspects. The discussion focused on products and services bearing creative content, cultural value and market objectives, with creativity as the main driver.


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