• The Hall’s hangar type structure can accommodate exhibition of light aircrafts, display of trucks and forklifts, and large machineries
  • A suitable venue for irrigation, agriculture and agrarian shows with the convenience of drainage and water system available right inside the exhibition floor
  • Special set-up designs with the luxury of wide-open space and height clearance of 10 meters
  • Large congresses of as much as 15,000 persons with a stage and hanging screens from the ceiling’s trusses
  • Corporate Sales rallies, kick-offs and team-buildings can be mounted in multiple ways in any given time with the use of a sound-proofed operable wall and acoustic wall treatment
  • The Hall’s indoor features can very well take in a night-time rave party even during daytime
  • The Hall’s wide-open unobstructed space can be transformed into vignettes of summer sports facilities even during monsoon months
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FH MB 1.1
  • The Hall’s trusses provide for hanging points that can take in as much as 100 kilos and more, making it suitable for set-up of professional lighting and audio-visual systems, and sporting events requiring rappelling and bungee equipment
  • Religious congregations can hold regular Sunday services at theater set-up with no worries of heat and rain
  • Virtually all kinds of assemblies, from graduation rites of as much as 15,000 students, pageants, fashion shows, ticketed concerts with bleachers and private seating for VIPs

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