Preparing For A Safe Business Conference During COVID-19

Preparing For A Safe Business Conference During COVID-19

Lila Cailles

What can you prepare for a safe business conference during COVID-19?

  1. Evaluate the capacity of the venue
  2. Inform participants about health protocols
  3. Liaise with all stakeholders
  4. Ensure the availability of hygiene and sanitation supplies
  5. Consider limiting the event duration
  6. Have a designated isolation facility


Preparing for a safe business conference during COVID-19 can be especially challenging during these unprecedented times. Despite the less stringent general community quarantine (GCQ) status of the country, the priority of conferences is the safety of everyone.

Upon booking a conference hall in the Philippines to achieve your event goals, there is a need to implement health protocols and address potential safety risks.

From the planning stage to the implementation stage, operating phase — there is no single step to meet all the conference’s needs with safety in mind. At World Trade Center Metro Manila, we recognize the extreme importance of taking effective health measures to keep our clients safe. This will all be made possible with the collaboration of all key event stakeholders and the development of B.E. (Business Events) SAFE Program, ascribing to all health protocols.

Continue reading this guide to learn more about preparing for a safe business conference during COVID-19. Implement these practices to help restore confidence in attending physical events.

Evaluate The Capacity Of The Venue

Evaluate The Capacity Of The Venue

Any decision that leads to a safe business conference stems from the factor of the venue capacity. The ability to choose a venue and apply prevention as well as control measures is vital as well.

Business conferences are held to discuss opportunities and issues pertaining to the organization. These typically take place on a large scale where a formal exchange of views occurs. Therefore, event planners face the challenge of keeping every participant and speaker engaged with safety in mind.

Given the conditions of possible transmission of COVID-19, you need to consider not only the venue’s accessibility and aesthetic appeal, but the capacity to regulate social distancing as well. Ideally, the distance should be 1.5 to 2m between people at any given time. To lower the infection risks, there should be space for acrylic barriers.

Consider limiting the crowd density. The larger the crowd is, the more risks for infection. You can ensure social distancing is observed if you place floor markers and signages in high-traffic areas.

Inform Participants About Health Protocols

When it comes to holding business conferences during COVID-19, there is a need to inform participants about the health protocols being implemented.

Aside from the different event goals and keeping the audience engaged, you must promote the safety of the conference. This means sending ample information or guidelines on respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene practices, the mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields, maintaining social distancing, and opting to stay at home if the symptoms are exhibited.

Utilize your social media platforms or website and alert attendees of event protocols. Remember that you are responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the conference. Take the initiative to inform attendees to do their part in avoiding the spread of the virus. In turn, they will perceive that you maintain a safe environment which leads to successful conference outcomes.

Liaise With All Stakeholders

Liaise With All Stakeholders

Holding a business conference requires multiple event teams to attain success. Make sure to maintain clear communication with health authorities, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders involved in the conference. Discuss the event details, assess their resources and capacities for safety, and remind them about health protocols being implemented.

For example, you can ask your food supplier to opt for pre-packaged meals instead. In the same way, you can talk to health authorities about the local health protocols to be followed. This way everyone will be on the same page which paves the way for a safer conference.

Ensure The Availability of Hygienic and Sanitation Supplies

As you may already know, there is a risk for infection on touching surfaces. To mitigate this risk, ensure the availability of hygiene supplies such as hand-sanitizers and handwashing stations. Inform key event personnel to sanitize surfaces thoroughly as well.

Consider having extra health supplies like extra face masks, gloves, or face shields. Place these at high-traffic points throughout the conference.

Consider Limiting The Event Duration

Consider Limiting The Event Duration

As much as you want to extend the conference duration to keep participants engaged, it is worth noting that there is a heightened risk for this. COVID-19 droplets and particles are known to remain suspended in the area over long distances and for a few hours.

That being said, consider limiting the event duration. Pinpoint the main conference objectives. Ask committees to cut down sessions that are deemed unessential. You may want to establish advanced pre-registration efforts and avoid focus groups as well to limit staying in the conference hall for too long.

Have A Designated Isolation Facility

Since COVID-19 detection has to be conducted according to national policies, you would do well to implement temperature checking at entry points.

If it so happens that a participant exhibits symptoms, there should be a designated isolation facility. This will properly accommodate the initial assessment by designated medical staff and safe transportation to a health facility if needed.

Key Takeaway

This guide has outlined some safety tips for business conferences. Preparing for a safe business conference during COVID-19 is no easy task. The key priorities are to achieve event goals, keep participants engaged, and maintain health protocols all at the same time.

At World Trade Center Metro Manila, we are opening our doors to make your business conference happen with safety in mind. As the provider for the most prestigious conference hall in the Philippines and local exhibition halls, we adapted our function rooms and exhibit halls in strict compliance with health protocols to help restore your confidence in attending physical events and crafted the B.E. (Business Events)SAFE Program that ascribes to all health protocols.

We look forward to providing you a safe, enjoyable, and worry-free event business conference experience. Click here to inquire more!

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