All Kinds of Events You Can Hold in an Exhibition Hall

All Kinds of Events You Can Hold in an Exhibition Hall

Lila Cailles

What kind of events can you hold in an exhibition hall?

  1. Conventions
  2. Industry Conferences
  3. Trade Shows and Expos
  4. Field Marketing and Brand Activation Events
  5. Recruiting Events
  6. User Conferences
  7. Private Events


An exhibition hall is a multipurpose space equipped to host small, midsized, and major events for companies, organizations, and associations alike. These events can include trade shows, corporate seminars, and more. How successful such events turn out is largely dependent on where they are being held. A great exhibition hall is equipped with various amenities, such as lights and sound system, reliable power, spacious halls, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

As the Philippines’ Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) industry is recovering, more and more events are being held in top exhibition halls in Metro Manila. Should your company plan a big event, here are the common types of events that can be held in an exhibition hall. 




Exhibition halls are undoubtedly popular venues for conventions. These events typically work around memberships or affiliations and are centered on a society, profession, or even common interests. Most conventions are held either annually or bi-annually. 

Attendees of conventions are those who are interested in engaging with their peers in the same field or interest, experiencing or seeing the latest updates,  inventory procuring or orders, and other things related to the topic of the event. 


Industry Conferences

Industry conferences are another common event held in exhibition halls. The goal of an industry conference is to bring together groups of people who share the same profession or passion. These events then provide a platform for them to learn relevant and helpful information on topics they care about. 

Attendees also have the opportunity to engage and lead networking at the industry conference. 

These events can either be a one-day affair or spread out through multiple sessions over a few days. They are also excellent both in-person and in hybrid formats, as they prioritize the sharing of information between industry leaders and attendees. 


Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos are how brands, and their industries showcase new products and services in a professional manner. Typically, this type of event has a theme that ties the different brands together. For example, a camping expo will have various brands that sell camping gear.

As these events need plenty of floor space for all the booths they need, an exhibition hall is a good venue for it. Hosting them here also allows trade shows and expos to maximize the in-person, hands-on opportunities, and experience that these events are known for. 

Aside from presenting new products and services, these events are also useful for businesses looking to increase lead generation, networking, and customer base. 


Field Marketing and Brand Activation Events

Field Marketing and Brand Activation Events

Field marketing events refer to roadshows, product launches, and the like — smaller and targeted events that achieve specific business goals. They contribute to a company’s brand-building efforts and strengthen customer relationships. 

Take product launches, for example. These are usually smaller events that focus on creating a great first impression on the attendees. The guest list for these events is limited, and often involves invited media guests who report on the product being launched. 

Because this is a more intimate event compared to other networking events, an exhibition hall hosting a field marketing event might be sectioned off to enhance the opportunities for building brand awareness, sales talks, networking, and marketing. 


Recruiting Events

Recruiting events are exhibition-style occasions where organizations come together to source talent. Businesses will have booths set up, and attendees can spend their day talking to recruiters and going through a pre-recruitment process with businesses they’re interested in.

The primary objective here is for attendees to find job opportunities, and for businesses to reach a larger recruitment pool. That said, exhibition halls are an ideal location for this event, as they provide a large and comfortable space for potential recruits to interact with potential employers. 


User Conferences

User conferences are events used to both excite and educate clients and prospects on a certain development — usually on a product or software. User conferences can also be used to present new industry trends that organizations should be aware of.

These events, which can be held in-person or in hybrid events in exhibition halls, also provide a great place for organizations to educate their customers. This could accelerate adoption and increase customer retention. 

User conferences usually consist of a presentation and exhibits. The exhibits are used for attendees to get a first-hand feel of the new products. Exhibition halls can provide the extra space you need for these demonstrations. 


Private Events

Any networking event, summit, meeting, dinner, and more that has a closed guest list are considered private events. If these events take place in person, then they are typically hosted in enclosed venues such as exhibition halls. 

This is the perfect way to provide an exclusive experience to influential shareholders, customers, and other honored guests at private events. This will, ultimately, help maintain good relationships with these key figures. 


Key Takeaway

Exhibition halls can be used to hold various kinds of events, from small- to large-scale occasions. Whether you intend to gather an intimate group or invite hundreds of people with common interests, an exhibition hall is a great venue for the event you have in mind.

If you’re looking for the best exhibition hall in the Philippines to host your planned event, then reach out to World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) here. With WTCMM’s strategic location and state-of-the-art amenities, it is the prime location for your event! 

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