A Guide To Different Types of Events And Their Purpose

A Guide To Different Types of Events And Their Purpose

Lila Cailles

What are the different types of events?

  1. Seminars and Conferences
  2. Conventions
  3. Trade Shows and Expos
  4. Competitions and Awards
  5. Recruitment
  6. Bazaar

No matter what industry you are in, events are a great way to bring people together for a specific cause. As an event planner or a decision maker for your organization, you must not only look for the ideal event venue, but also consider the different types of events. Each one has a specific purpose and understanding these will help make your event planning more successful. Continue reading on. 

Seminars And Conferences

Seminars and conferences are similar, and for this reason, many people use the terms interchangeably. A conference is a large event, with attendees typically in the hundreds and thousands range. The event focuses on a central theme or industry. It is best held for raising brand and product awareness and positioning your organization as an expert. The best venue for seminars is a conference and convention center.

A seminar is like a conference, but the difference is that its main purpose is to instruct and train. It is often held for employee training, certifications, product training, and others. Compared to a conference, this type of event involves smaller groups. Since it’s smaller, seminars are often held in multifunction spaces and classroom-style function halls. 




A convention is a type of event that centers around membership or affiliation. It could be a meeting of members, professionals, delegates, or fans. Attendees are those who are affiliated with a society, profession, and the like. For example, it could be a meeting of science fiction fans or elementary teachers in the country. The goal of a convention is to engage in some common interests. 

Most conventions are annual or bi-annual events, so you have plenty of time to book venues and find suppliers. These are held in convention centers or halls


Trade Shows And Expos

Trade Shows And Expos

Trade shows are events that bring together similar and like-minded brands. An exhibition for companies in a specific industry, providing an opportunity to showcase and demonstrate products and services to the target audience. 

Trade shows are more interactive than other types of events, with exhibition booths to make the experience for attendees more memorable. Expos, also called expositions or trade fairs, are similar to trade shows where companies in the same niche come together.

Ideal venues for trade shows are convention centers. Booths are organized into aisles to make the most out of the space. It also helps with grouping brands into categories. 


Competitions And Awards

Competitions and awards events are great ways to gather people who have the same interests. For instance, some companies can host industry-specific competitions for customers who use their products. Awarding events are a great way to establish the hosting company as an industry leader, help with building reputation, and open an opportunity to sell products and services. 

With competitions and awards, customers are given the opportunity to shine. The venue will depend on the type of competition and industry, but indoor multifunction halls are also used as venues too. 




Recruiting events are often held to help organizations source talent. This exhibition-style event can be held in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format. Potential recruits can speak to actual employees to get more information on the benefits, work environment, and requirements for the job candidate. 

Recruitment events are also known as job fairs. These can be held according to a specific niche, such as job fairs that target engineering firms or schools. Other than that, a general job fair is also popular. The size of the venue will depend on the scale of the event. Various options are available, such as function halls and event halls. The place should be easily accessible to job seekers. 



A bazaar is a type of shopping event that was originally designed to raise money for charity. Nowadays, many business owners join a bazaar to market and sell products and services to a wide variety of customers. Bazaar events are typically held on a series of days. To garner more sales, bazaars are especially more popular during the holiday season, such as Christmas. 

A bazaar can be held in many places, but it’s best to choose somewhere that is highly accessible to consumers. Bazaars are often held in event halls, with rows of booths to maximize the space. 


Key Takeaway

In this article, you have learned that different types of events have different purposes. But aside from that, you also need to know how to select the best venue that fits the event to ensure success. 

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