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Convention Planning Checklist

By Lila P. Cailles | March 31, 2020

What are the things you should do when planning a convention? Set your goals Set a convention date Determine the budget Define a location Collaborate with a committee Keep track of the attendees Being tasked with organizing a convention can be daunting. Not knowing the first thing about planning a convention can potentially lead to […]

A full conference

5 Ways To Organize A Conference

By Lila P. Cailles | March 25, 2020

What are the different ways of organizing a conference? Setting up a workshop Holding a convention Organizing seminars Assembling private company meetings Establishing a virtual conference Organizing a conference is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Aside from the location, the size of the venue, and the scope of attendees, […]

Top shot of a breakout session

How To Build Better Meeting Agendas With Breakout Sessions

By Lila P. Cailles | March 24, 2020

What are the benefits of breakout sessions for your meeting agendas? Promote engagement Tackle specific subject matters Encourage communication Allow participants to take breaks Give opportunities for networking If you’ve ever attended a conference or a convention, you may have noticed that there are a large number of people who share the same interests as […]

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Engaging Trade Show Booth Ideas

By Lila P. Cailles | March 9, 2020

How can you make an engaging trade show booth? Design a Relaxing Atmosphere Make Your Booth Educational Enlarge the Display and Decors Stick to Your Branding Make Everything Interactive Try Virtual Reality Get the SWAG On Point Conduct a Contest Allow Attendees to Test Your Product Incorporate Show-stopping Element A trade show is an event […]

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5 Seating and Table Arrangements Used For Different Kinds of Events

By Lila P. Cailles | March 2, 2020

What are the different seating and table arrangements for events? Auditorium Stage Seating Classroom Style Seating Dinner and Show Seating Banquet Style Seating Cocktail Style Seating Are you conducting a corporate-wide business lunch meeting, product launch event, or a formal celebration? Knowing the types of seating and table arrangements are as important as considering other […]

An effective office meeting in a conference room

7 Tips for Conducting Highly Effective Meetings

By Lila P. Cailles | February 25, 2020

What are some tips to conduct effective meetings? Have a written agenda in advance Review the attendees list Manage the meeting by the clock Prepare important points and decisions Press for closure Write minutes of the meeting Follow up on a meeting While the goal for any business is to hold effective meetings, just about […]

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How To Organize An Event With Zero Budget

By Lila P. Cailles | February 24, 2020

How can you organize an event with little to no budget? Determine the type of event Write a well-developed plan Consider sponsorships Advertise on social media Request for donations Look for volunteers or interns Certainly, having a huge amount of capital to use in organizing and holding an event should deliver better results. Yet, if […]

A keyboard with a customized green button that reads "EVENT"

How To Develop an Event Program For Exhibitions

By Lila P. Cailles | February 4, 2020

How can you develop an event program for exhibitions? Step One: determine the feasibility of the exhibit Step Two: conceptualize preliminary design details Step Three: finalize the detailed design Step Four: execution and production Unlike bazaar events with retail commodities and products, planning for exhibitions requires well-communicated ideas, information, as well as emotions and brand […]

An social media event spaces decorated

A Simple Guide To Floor Layout Planning

By Lila P. Cailles | February 3, 2020

How do you plan an event floor layout? Pay attention to the floor’s measurements Get the final headcount of attendees Ensure sightlines are adequate Plan high-traffic routes and practicalities Ensure the floor layout is safe To put an event on the road to success and generate the forecasted revenue, organizers and planners need to be […]

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5 Important Things to Consider When Organizing a Conference

By Lila P. Cailles | January 28, 2020

What are the things to consider when organizing a conference? Purpose Format Budget Responsibilities Feedback When event organizers get overwhelmed with the process of organizing a conference, they can neglect key factors when planning. Usually, novice event organizers have a million questions in mind. Some of these may include: “Where do I begin?” “How can […]

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