Registration is not required for you to use our site. If you are merely a visitor to, we do not collect any personal information about you, except to the limited extent through the use of cookies, which are described below. However, there may be circumstances in which you choose to register to ongoing updates from WTCMM.

In these cases, WTCMM may contact registrants to invite them to special events, provide them with information about our services, publications and products, or for other marketing purposes.
Information collected at registration is protected using industry-standard encryption technology as it is sent over the Internet. For example, you may choose to register for:

i. Email alerts
WTCMM offers an email alert service to site visitors, in which we send subscribers email updates when new information is added to If you decide to subscribe, we will collect basic contact information about you, such as your name and email address.

ii. Expressing an interest in working for WTCMM
The WTCMM site enables you to register your interest in working for us or applying for an advertised vacancy. For more detail about the recruitment process and the information required, visit the careers section of

iii. Surveys
WTCMM may conduct surveys via its web site. Survey participants may be asked for personal information (name, contact information, etc.) in addition to opinions or feedback. The type of information collected in surveys will vary.

iv. Event registration
WTCMM facilitates event registration via its own web site or, at times, via third party web sites. Personal information may be collected via event registration forms and the type of information collected will vary. WTCMM may share registrant information with third parties in association with the event. Examples of “third parties” include hotels, sponsors or co-sponsors, promoters, event organizers (including via third party web sites), speakers, panellists, etc. Please check the details provided for individual events to understand fully how your information will be used.

v. Electronic Newsletters or “Enewsletters”
To view a WTCMM electronic enewsletter, registration is required. When you register, you must provide your name, email and contact number. We use registration information for internal research and analysis purposes to help us understand who is viewing our enewsletters, and become better equipped to serve your needs.
If you are interested in our enewsletters but you do not wish to provide any personally identifiable information, you can read the “What’s New” section posted on, which require no registration.

vi. WTCMM Online
If you have been given access rights to WTCMM Online by your WTCMM contact, we would recommend you take note of the full privacy notice associated with this service. You will have access to the notice once you log onto WTCMM Online.

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