A close up of two businessmen shaking hands

Essentials of Conducting an Effective Business Meeting

By Angelyn Si | December 6, 2019

What are some of the essentials of conducting an effective business meeting? A well-developed meeting agenda Suitable and accommodating venue Appropriate selection of participants Established ground rules for meetings Regardless of whether you think your business meeting was carried out successfully or not, make sure to survey your participants to know the aspects to improve. […]

Social Media

5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media for Your Event

By icg_acct_dev | October 24, 2019

There are millions of apps, social media sites, websites, and other platforms for people to communicate online these days. This is truly the age of social media. Now, the challenge for brands today is to go beyond brand awareness, and instead embed an emotional connection with their customers. With the right strategy, brand experiences through […]

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