5 Things to Consider when Organizing a Conference

October 17, 2018
Organizing a Conference

Organizing a business conference can be quite a task, and here at World Trade Center Manila, we have witnessed countless successful conferences and business meetings that had an immensely challenging preparation process before they came out beautifully in the end. It is customary to prepare at least six months before the conference to be really […]

Things You Need to Know about Events Planning

October 10, 2018
Events Planning

Events planning can be both tedious and a rewarding experience. Here at the World Trade Center Manila, they say it’s all about perspective. Sometimes, event planners tend to make things more complicated than they have to be – a common trait of people who usually deal with multiple things at once. In any case, once […]

5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media for Your Event

September 19, 2018
Maximizing Social Media

There are millions of apps, social media sites, websites, and other platforms for people to promote their events these days. This is truly the age of social media. Now, the challenge for brands today is to go beyond information clutter, and instead embed an emotional connection with their customers. With the right strategy, brand experiences […]

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

September 12, 2018
Choosing an Event Venue

When planning an event, you are usually presented with numerous choices. However, there is no doubt that picking a venue is the one choice that will have the biggest effect on your event. The venue you select will directly affect catering options, the date of the event, and the attendees’ experience. So, read on for […]

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