5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media for Your Event

October 24, 2019
There are millions of apps, social media sites, websites, and other platforms for people to communicate online these days. This is truly the age of social media. Now, the challenge for brands today is to go beyond brand awareness, and instead embed an emotional connection with their customers. With the right strategy, brand experiences through events, workshops, festivals, fairs, or expos, you can bring your brand personality to life and help convert more customers online. Here are 5 ways to maximize your social media for your event:
1. Choose your social networks wisely: depending on your industry, niche, and target audience, some social media platforms can be more effective than others. For instance, you can share event updates, create event pages, and engage with followers through Facebook, but if you plan on working more on a B2B networking, then LinkedIn may be your best bet.
2. Strategize your hashtags: It is very important that your key message reflects your brand personality and marketing goals. That's where hashtags come in. They are great tools in communicating your key message. It makes your brand consistent and easily searchable online. During an event, guests can use hashtags to join contests, and in doing so, increases awareness for the event and brand.
3. Create your content carefully: This one needs no explanation but still need reminding. Engagement with your marketing posts determines how many potential audience members see your promotions, so you need to make every post count. Each content needs to be tailored for each social networking site, and images should be incorporated to the posts as much as possible to ensure more engagement.
4. Document everything professionally: documentation is crucial in every event. There should always be a staff or skilled professionals documenting the event to gain an adequate pool of photos and videos for marketing purposes. These materials have a myriad of other use in the future.
5. Finally, on average, only about 2-6% of your Facebook followers will see posts from your event page. That means supplementing organic posts with paid social ads is a must. An eye-catching image or video ad can go a long way in maximizing your social media promotion for your event.

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