5 Effective Event Planning Apps to Use on Your Event

April 17, 2019
We are all guilty of looking for the latest apps that can help us be more organized, more productive, more efficient, or more in control of our work. It goes without saying that you need to be organized to be a successful event planner. All the logistics, client interaction, and physical setup can get quite hectic. The right events management tools can make your job a whole lot easier. Fortunately, there are many mobile apps out there that can help. These apps for event planners are designed to help you be more organized, plan your event more effectively and get more things done. We’ve put together a list of the best apps for event planning to help make the task of planning an event a lot less overwhelming.   Slack Slack is a messaging service for keeping in touch with teams no matter where they are. It is more professional than casual messaging apps but still quick and easy to use. On the day of an event, members can be located far apart and still be in touch. The tool saves on legwork and ensures all members of the team know what’s going on. You can set up different channels for different projects and invite the team members you wish.   Boomset If you’re hosting a large event and need a way to check people in, Boomset is your friend. This cool app lets you check people in using QR codes, print badges, and create wristbands. It integrates with other platforms you might already be using for your event, so it makes registration very seamless.   Member Solutions Since it was founded in 1991, Member Solutions has expanded to include various tools for planning events. It was originally created to process membership registrations, so it’s popular among fitness studios. Its event registration feature makes it easy to create signup forms, liability waivers, and other attendee paperworks using a library of templates. All forms are white-labeled and can easily be branded with your company logo. If you also dabble in marketing, Member Solutions’ email marketing feature can also help keep attendees up to date about your event.   ArrangeMySeat This app, ArrangeMySeat, does just what it promises — it takes care of the seating arrangements for an event.You decide to either arrange the seating chart yourself or have guests choose their seats. It’s also a tool to manage RSVPs that makes it easier to keep track of who’s coming and who isn’t. On top of that, it has a section where you can ask guests questions about the event like, say, a preference regarding the menu.   Pingg Pingg is a great   tool for running your event or party, as it lets you create invitations and guest lists. It also has  features like adding gift registry, scheduling reminders, thank you messages for your attendees, and finding local services such as designers for your event.

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